02 July, 2014

World Cup Promotion - The Australia - Australia - June 2014

Purchased on 13 June 2014 in Gold Coast, Australia
Consumed on 14 June 2014 in Singapore
Calories - 597kcal
Price - $5.95AUD = $5.61USD

I guess the one benefit of my sister having ordered the Australian World Cup promotional burgers from this dysfunctional McDonald's branch, where they botched my Brazil and Argentina burgers, gave me an Apple Pie in place of the England Pie, and ran out of boxes, was that they were selling this first promotion long after it was supposed to be discontinued.  This burger was only supposed to be sold from 21 May through 4 June, so I was surprised when my sister was able to purchase one on the 13th.  I've only had one similar situation when a McDonald's in Japan broke the street date on The Broadway Burger, as a part of their Big America burgers a couple years back.  The Australia is not to be confused with the McOz, aka the Ozzie, which is a yearly promo burger which includes beetroot on a large pattied, beef burger. To be honest, I'm sure a number of people were expecting the original burger, they probably should have went with a different country. 

I left this review last since this was the least exciting, and frankly the worst, of the 3 World Cup promos I was able to try from Australia.  The patty was a ordinary fried chicken patty, which I will admit was filled with nicer meat than the fried chicken patties you get in Asia. I think I will always prefer white meat over the thigh meat they use here.  The unique part of this burger was that it was topped with both a chilli lime sauce, and a "buffalo" mayonnaise.  Both were a bit boring, especially when I'd just had a Chilli Lime sauce burger here in Singapore, and I've still yet to try the Chicken Caramba World Cup promo which uses the same sauce.  The buffalo sauce reminded me of the Southwest sauce I had from New Zealand, and it was actually so weak, that I could only taste it when I tried a bit on its own, which I did just to check they didn't give me standard mayo by "mistake".

Rating - 2/5