11 June, 2014

World Cup Promotion - Spicy Habanero Beef Burger - Johor, Malaysia - June 2014

My first time trying this Football Bun.  It looks to be used in most of the world, except Singapore!

Terms and conditions apply...to what?  Hopefully not being halal!

Consumed on 08 June, 2014
Location - McDonald's City Square - Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Combo Price - 11.15MYR - $3.47USD
Calories - ~550kcal

McDonald's Malaysia World Cup Beef Habanero Burger receipt 
I don't know if this is a side effect of not having travelled all that much lately, but seems that both McDonald's Malaysia, and Singapore keep on having spicy, after spicy, after spicy burgers lately.  Sure, there have been a few interesting items here and there, I love spicy food, but I'm getting pretty tired of spicy burgers.  Try something new!  McDonald's Japan had 3 avocado burgers last month and this month they have risotto balls!   Thailand has a Curry Crab Stick Pie, and 'flavoured' crispy fish balls, which I hope stick around until October when I'll be there next, but I doubt they'll last that long.

McDonald's Thailand Curry Crab Pie
McDonald's Thailand Spicy Korean Fish McBites
McDoanld's Thailand Italian Tomato Crispy Fish McBites

 In the meantime, McDonald's Malaysia launched their World Cup promotional line, with 2 burgers, both using the same "Spicy Habanero" sauce.  As I mentioned in my Singapore Beef Picante review, I'm sick of fried chicken burgers, so I went with the beef burger again.  My wife is still in Korea, so I didn't have a her help out in finishing, so I only ordered one.  Since McDonald's Malaysia is reasonably priced compared to Singapore, I probably could have bought both, even if I didn't plan on finishing them, but since I had the Picante burger only 3 days prior,  I didn't want to eat that much junk food.

McDonald's Malaysia Beef and Chicken Spicy Habanero Burgers

Unlike the last time I was in Malaysia, I was able to hit the lunch time hours, and order it at the slightly discounted price 11.15RM, which is less than half the price of the Picante burger, and these burgers used identical size patties.  The bun in Malaysia is that football shaped top bun which is the bun being used for most World Cup promotional burgers around the world.  Mine was pretty pathetic looking, and in fact it looks better in the photo than it did in person.  The lines of the "ball" were very shallow, and there was hardly any volume to it. It tasted exactly like a giant size version of the basic McDonald's hamburger bun, which I haven't had in a long time, and I've always had a soft spot for. I was surprised how much I could taste the bun, since the patty was so large.  It was the same size patty as my Picante burger, except that it was bone dry. I'm not sure what happened, but the patty was ice cold and overly salty.  I assume they tried to cook far too many in advance of the lunchtime rush, and I got stuck with one from the bottom of the pile.

But the whole "limited edition" part of this burger was its Spicy Habanero sauce.  I honestly couldn't taste it until about 4 bites into the burger since the floury bun and dry patty hid any taste from me.  I did get to finally taste it about half way through the burger, and it was decently spicy.  Still nothing I can't take, but it was nice to actually see a bit of heat.  The taste was more mayo and less peppery than the Malagueta sauce, but it was spicier.  The Habanero pepper isn't native to Asia, so I think this sauce was imported from the US. In fact, I tried the US promotional Habanero burger in Michigan last December, and I'll post a quick review of that shortly, but I suspect it was the exact same sauce.  So it made this burger even less interesting for me than it could have been.

Rating 2.5/5

McDonald's Malaysia also released a line of promotional desserts for the World Cup.  Aside from having coloured cones, they also had the Banana Pie, a re-release of a previous promo, the Banana Kick McFlurry, which I've pretty much had before, when I had the Banana Crunch McFlurry, since the only difference was the Oreo v. Coco Puffs so I didn't bother trying it, and the Lime McFizz, which was the same as Singapore, except they also added Pineapple along with the Nata de Coco.

Also worth mentioning is that the terrible McCountry was still available at this branch.  No word yet if it has gone country wide, but it's still not worth trying.