14 June, 2014

World Cup Promotion - Spicy Beef Burger - Hong Kong - June 2013

Purchased on 11 June 2014 in Hong Kong International Airport
Consumed on 11 June 2014 in Singapore
Price - 20HKD = $2.56USD
Calories - ~650kcal

Another website I frequent had a member flying down to Singapore from Hong Kong last week, and I asked him if he could fly me down the new "Spicy Beef Burger" for me to review.  My unique request was happily filled, and I met him at Changi Airport to pick up my delivery.  The whole idea behind this burger was that it was to have 4 small square strips of beef, grilled onions, cheese, and a spicy sauce.  The website didn't make any mention about what the sauce was, and I only found out when I read the side of the box, I learned that this was another appearance of the Malagueta sauce which is also served on the Beef Picante here in Singapore.

Each "slice" of beef was about the same thickness of a kids meal hamburger patty but marginally smaller since was cut square rather than round.  I was actually rather impressed by the amount, since the 4 patties together probably totalled the same size as a double quarter pounder.  It was just the right amount to be "big" but not enough that I felt disgusting after I ate it. I would have preferred if they had added a bit of lettuce, or better yet, some of those grilled onions between the slices since the 4 back-to-back patties was a bit meaty if you didn't get a bite that had any veg with it.  

If you go back and read my review of the Beef Picante, you'll know I was impressed by the flavour of the sauce.  The grilled onions were a very nice addition, which I've enjoyed on a couple other McDonald's burgers over the years, but I felt the meat was a bit overly salty since there were 4 separately salted pieces.  My first bite made me think that it tasted exactly like the beef of a company that starts with W, and ends in endy's.  I've always found them a bit salty, just like I found this burger.  My friend living in Hong Kong didn't give me a very high review of this burger, so I went in expecting the worst, but it was, luckily, much better than my expectation.  

Rating - 4/5

Along with this burger, Hong Kong also released the McWings Platter, which not only includes the original McWings, the return of the Pickled Chilli McWings, and a seemingly new addition, Crispy Garlic McWings.  The Orange Punch, also a new release.

McDonald's Hong Kong May/June World Cup Promo

The Spicy Beef Burger as supposed to represent Spain of all places (not sure what it had to do with Spain), but the 2 weeks prior to it's launch they had the German Sausage Burger, which although I wasn't able to try it, I did hear that it was really good.  It included the actually-German, Sauerkraut and Hot Mustard.  Yum!

McDonald's Hong Kong April/May 2014 World Cup Promo

McDonald's Hong Kong April/May 2014 World Cup Promo