25 June, 2014

World Cup Promotion - The Brazil - Australia - June 2014

Purchased on 13 June 2014, in Gold Coast, Australia
Consumed on 14 June 2014, in Singapore
Price - $5.95AUD = $5.57USD
Calories - 599kcal

If you haven't read my review of The Argentina, stop where you are, and go read that review first. For those of you that have already read it, or are too lazy to click the link the quick recap is this:
- My sister flew the McDonald's 3 Australia World Cup burgers to Singapore for me to review.
- The branch had ran out of promo boxes, so all 3 ended up in the same box.
- They gave me an Apple Pie, instead of the Promotional "England Pie".
- They reversed the toppings between The Argentina, and The Brazil.

Of the 3 promo burgers, I was looking forward most to The Brazil.  It interested me the most since I don't think I've ever had a McDonald's beef patty stuffed with other ingredients before.  Not only was it stuffed with pepper, it was also had beans and corn, two ingredients I love in pretty much anything.    The beef patty was one of the thickest patties I've had in McDonald's, and the stuffing gave it a unique, flavourful taste.  It wasn't the juiciest I've ever had, and that wasn't just because it was flown in, I think the stuffing requires it to be cooked a bit less than the other patties, and this was a bit over cooked. The patty looks VERY dry in the photo above, but that dark colour was from the salsa rather than the beef.   The beans were easily the most noticeable flavour within the meat, with the pepper following slightly behind.  The corn stood out in appearance, but you couldn't really taste it.  Unlike The Argentina, where all you could taste was beef, this had a very nice mix of flavours in every bite.

This burger was also supposed to be topped with the lettuce, carrot and cabbage mix, but since that ended up on my Argentina burger, so this should have had the grilled onions intended for that burger.  Apparently whatever McDonald's my sister order my food at clearly needs some new staff, since this burger ended up with a random bit of standard lettuce, which shouldn't have been on either burger.  I was bit disappointed in that, since it probably would have been even better with onion. The biggest change in this burger would have been the salsa, since this should have been on The Argentina.  I thought this salsa was great, and it made a great addition to the burger, although, I felt that the salsa was too strong, when they already had a full flavoured stuffed beef patty.  I completely understand why this was intended to be on The Argentina, since that needed something strong to hide the overly beefiness of the 2 thick patties.  I felt the sauce from the other burger was too weak for that burger, but it would have been perfect for The Brazil.  

All in, the salsa was good, it was thick, had lots of tomato in it, but wasn't overly watery, and you could taste the required salsa spices, so it's not going to take away any points from this burger, but I definitely see the lack of it caused my Argentina burger to be worse off.  I can't give it a 5/5 because it wasn't a perfect burger, but it was pretty close.
Rating - 4/5