20 May, 2014

S Spicy Seasoning - Hong Kong - May 2014

If you can read the small font, this was actually packaged right here in SG.  Welcome home.

Purchased ~1 May 2014
Consumed on 11 May 2014
Location - Purchased in Hong Kong, consumed in Bugis, Singapore
Price - Free with up-sized combo or fry purchase
Calories - Unknown

Since we only had a small fry, we couldn't use all the seasoning

My friend Andrew graciously sent me a "S Spicy Seasoning" packet from Hong Kong for me to try.  He's been able to rub it in a bit, since his new home in HK has had a tonne of promotional items over the last 2 months (easily 10+ items) and I've been stuck here in Singapore. The S Seasoning, was released at the end of their spicy promotion which ran throughout April, and they never stated publicly what flavour the "S" was supposed to be, other then it was "spicy".  It was only available for about 10-14 days, I don't think it lasted much longer than that.  In Hong Kong these have traditionally been called "Shakers", so I'm not sure why this one 

I ordered 2 McChickens to be able to review another item that was sent to me, and I used a free small fry coupon to get our fries for this.  When I was waiting for our food, I was recognised by the counter staff as "that blog guy".  That was a first for me, even McDonald's doesn't recognise this blog.  I've tried asking various countries management to send me their shakers and nugget sauces so I can review (just like this review) and I've been flat out ignored, so I have to currently rely on friends to send me what they can, hopefully that will change soon.

Since there wasn't an exact flavour for this shaker packet, I guess the idea was to try and guess what it is.  My friend who tried it himself in HK said that it reminded him of Wild Spice Pringle's.  Which although it probably wont help readers outside of Asia, but that was a near perfect description.  The number one ingredient was sugar, so these were far from actually spicy, but there was a salty/tart hit which you could feel if you had enough seasoning on a single fry.  The seasoning wasn't terrible, and we didn't regret coating our fries with them, but they were just a bit boring for something that was supposed to be both mysterious, and very spicy, I just felt a bit disappointed.  They weren't nearly spicy enough, and there was this bitter, almost vinegary taste which lingered too long after you ate them.

Rating - 2.5/5

Since McDonald's won't send me any, anyone willing to send the Middle Eastern Shakers (Nacho Cheese) or the US ones, I'd be eternally grateful