03 May, 2014

Maple Cream Pie - Amherstburg, Canada - April 2014

Pre-microwaved, after travelling for 30+ hours.

Purchased on 11 February 2014, in Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada
Consumed on 11 April 2014, in Singapore
Price - $1.14CAD = $1.04USD
Calories - ~200kcal

After microwaving

Some life this little pie had lived.  I first saw a promo for the Maple Cream Pie on a Canadian McDonald's coupon book back in January, and I pestered my mother to go out and buy one for me and stick it in the freezer until the next time I would visit home.  She ended up eventually going to get one for me in February, but since she made it over to Singapore before I could visit home, so she flew it in over to me a couple weeks ago.  It's journey started in Amherstburg, and then made a 4 hour drive to Toronto, where my mother spend the night, then fly to Philadelphia and Qatar, before eventually ending up on my table in Singapore.  almost 48 hours from leaving the freezer, where it had spent nearly 2 months prior.  

As is customary with other flown in/frozen items, I stuck it in the microwave, but was careful not to heat it so much that it would destroy the inside of my mouth, ala the After Eight Pie.  Frozen Pies have held out pretty well, as have pies that have been flown in to Singapore, so I'm not 100% if this pie was just bad, or bad because it had been frozen & flown.  When I heated it up, a faint maple syrup odour did come from the pie, and it had cinnamon undertones, so I was expecting something pretty exciting, but once I took my first bite, it was near tasteless.  I could barely taste the maple syrup, and if I didn't know from the name, I would have never expected this to be "cream" anything. I had my second bite after it had cooled a bit, but that actually made it even more tasteless.  I didn't bother having any more after that.

 I think the pie we had was a little bit overcooked to begin with, since the edges were pretty black all the way around, even before I microwaved it. After it was heated, pretty much anything that wasn't the filling was dry and chewy, definitely not like a fresh pie would have been. 

It's pretty bad when the home of Maple Syrup (Canada) has a worse Maple Syrup Pie than Japan!

Rating - 1/5 - Purely because of the smell.

There's a new Peaches and Cream pie in the US that I'd like to try.  My friend offered to mail it to me, but I really don't think it would survive the trip.  Leave a comment if you think I wouldn't end up with food poisoning eating a week old, unrefrigerated pie! If enough of you think I wouldn't die, I might be dumb enough to try.