22 April, 2014

The Spicy Challenge - Yuzu McFizz - Singapore - April 2014

Consumed on 03 April 2014
Location - McDonald's Kovan MRT, Singapore
Price - Free with upsized combo.  $2.60SGD = $2.07USD ala carte.  
Calories - ~250kcal

The Yuzu McFizz was the promotional drink that launched alongside the first two "Spicy Challenge" burgers.  It is marketed as a thirst quencher against all the spice you are expected to be tasting, the fact that neither burger was all that spicy is mentioned in their reviews, so I won't get into that again, but I will mention that the range of McFizzes I've had over the years is meh, to blah, and I think it has to due with the syrup that they use rather than their choice of fruit.

This actually ins't the first time I've had a Yuzu flavoured anything at McDonald's.  You won't be able to search since I had it in Korea, where it was called the Yuja McFlurry, same fruit, different language.  Whereas I thought the Yuja McFlurry was one of the weaker McFlurry flavours, I found it to be one of the better McFizz flavours I've had.  Sure, it was syrup, but when added to the Sprite (new readers - that's all a McFizz is, Syrup+Sprite).  It didn't have any large fruit pieces like the Strawberry McFizz, but it still was fresh enough that both my wife and I could finish the cup.

Rating - 3.5/5

On the McDonald's Singapore site, they promote it along side the Smokey Drumlets, and I've still yet to try those since I've been consistently disappointed with Drumlets, I just don't want to waste another $2 on them

In other news, the I was invited to the Level 4 Launch Party this Friday.  I'll have a review of that burger and the rest of the event shortly after it's done.