05 April, 2014

The Spicy Challenge - Flaming Green Curry Burger - Singapore - April 2014

Consumed on 03 April 2014
Location - McDonald's Kovan Station, Singapore
Combo Price - $6.90SGD = $5.48USD
Calories - ~675kcal

If you haven't read my review for the Sizzling Citrus Burger, I suggest you go back and read that before this review, as that one have the complete background on the current "Spicy Challenge" promotion.  

The "Flaming" Green Curry Burger is the second of three promotional burgers for the current "Spicy Challenge" Promotional burgers here in Singapore.  Now, the fourth, final and apparently the most spicy, burger has yet to be revealed, but I have a feeling it's going to be Thai themed.  Both this Green Curry burger and the Sizzling Citrus burger had heavy Thai influences with their sauces. Mentioning that it was Thai must have not done well in their focus groups or something, since there's zero mention that any of these burgers are using Thai flavours.  I found this a bit strange since McDonald's Singapore has used heavy Indian, Japanese and various other cuisines in their marketing material previously, maybe they'll prove me wrong with the final burger and maybe I'll have Singapore first Korean flavoured burger (Japan, China, HK and Taiwan have all had Korean burgers before, so it's only a matter of time)...we'll just have to wait and see.

I mentioned that both of the burgers had Thai influences, and I'll just quickly mention that my wife and I live a 5 minute walk from one of the best Thai restaurants in Singapore, so we eat there at least once every fortnight, but unless we are there with a guest, we never get a Thai Curry, we go for the lighter items on the menu.  I personally never would have thought Green Curry would work well on a McDonald's burger, and after I tried my first bite, it resulted in a resounding...meh. Sure, the taste of the curry was close enough that you could easily identify it as Green Curry, but it wasn't nearly flavourful enough, or spicy whatsoever. It needed to be both stronger and spicier to be considered even remotely good.  The chicken patty, bun and whole leaf lettuce were the same as the Sizzling Citrus, which were still good in their own right, but the sauce was the biggest let down, when that was the only thing that differentiates it from it's sister burger.

Also, for this to be "Spice Level #3" on the promotional chart was a joke, I honestly felt that they weren't even trying to make it spicy, at least the Sizzling Citrus had some pepper taste in the sauce.  If you are only in the mood for a single burger in a night, go with the Sizzling Citrus over this in a heartbeat.

Rating - 2/5