02 March, 2014

Tangy Filet o Fish - Singapore - March 2014

Hooked On "Tangy" Filet-o-Fish
Still promoting the sustainable fishing methods

Consumed on 01 March 2014
Location - McDonald's Scape, Singapore
Combo Price - $5SGD = $3.94USD
Calories - ~400kcal

Still shows Nacho Cheese on the Receipt.

Last week, I walked past a McDonald's in the city and saw a very small promo poster for the "Tangy" Filet o Fish burger.  It looks like the "Nacho Cheese" Filet o Fish didn't even last an entire month, as this was seemingly off the menu by the last week of February.  I would have assumed with the large marketing campaign they had behind it, it either was a huge success  and they sold out Island-wide, or a massive flop and they got rid of it quick.  It's new replacement the "Tangy" had no marketing push from what I could tell (aside from an in store poster)...very strange.

My blog has been getting a noticeable bump in traffic to last year's "Tangy Sesame" Filet o Fish, and just to clear up any misunderstanding, this promo is not the same sauce whatsoever.  Where I found last years sesame dressing to be weak and lacklustre, I felt the exact opposite this year, not only did the sauce have a slight kick, but it was also tasty, and not at all overpowering. Not sure what they used to spice this sauce but I found it spicier than actual "spicy" burgers I've had here in Singapore.  It had just enough flavour to bring out the taste of the patty, and since this was a mayo-based sauce, I normally find these either a bit too weak on the special taste they are supposed to have, or too oily to enjoy whatever taste it is supposed to have.  

All in, this promo variant of the Filet-o-Fish wasn't terrible, but it was far from anything exciting or inventive.  I probably would have scored it higher if it didn't come out so close after the Nacho Cheese variant.

Rating - 3/5