19 March, 2014

Quick Review: Seaweed Shakers - Shanghai, China - December 2013

Consumed on 05 December 2013
Location - Singapore.  Purchased in October 2013 in Shanghai, China
Price - Free with upsized combo
Calories - Unknown

The last few weeks haven't been the most fruitful for this blog.  I did a short trip to Australia a couple weeks back, but it was just my luck that I was there the week after they finished the McOz burger (Now the 3rd time I've missed this by a couple days), and about a week and a half before they started their new Schnitzel burgers.  At the time, the most interesting thing they had on promotion was a M&M McFlurry, which I had planned on trying, but when I saw it was an unbelievable $4.90 price, there was no way I was bringing myself to spend that on a pretty boring McFlurry.  Back at home in Singapore, they are still serving the Tangy Filet o Fish, and just though they relaunched the Matcha McFlurry I didn't have any interest in trying that re-release either.  My wife and I haven't even gone away for a weekend in a while (which we tried to do about once a month if possible) since she's been running the job interview gauntlet over the last few weeks. We've held off on travelling until she could lock something down, and now that she has an offer, once we know her start date, we'll be able to get a couple more trips in, hopefully somewhere I can try a nice range of new items for this blog.  Until then, I'm going to post a number of "Quick" reviews, for items that have been lost in the cracks over the last couple of years.  There won't be much background, but I'll post what photos I do have, and what I can remember about the item.

These Seaweed Shakers were provided in the big combo my wife and I had in Shanghai last October. Since seaweed is a pretty common shaker that I've tried a number of times before, I was just hanging on to these until I was having McDonald's with someone who hadn't tried a shaker before.  When my colleague and I ordered the Kampung Burger, he was the perfect person to break these out with since he is new to Singapore and he had never had a shaker before.  I tore open the package and gave it a good sniff, and it had the most strange smell I've ever, well, smelt, from a McDonald's item before.  If I were blindfolded and told to try to figure out what I am smelling, I probably would have guessed some chemical, or metal. That's probably a very bad sign, since this was from China, so it's very possible it was entirely chemicals.  I cautiously poured some on a handful of fries and gave it a taste.  I guess, it was pretty positive that it didn't taste exactly like it smelt, but in fact it didn't really have much of a taste at all, apart from being VERY salty. There was absolutely no seaweed taste, and it I put so little, I couldn't imagine how bad this would have been if I poured the entire packet on. I felt a bit bad letting my colleagues try this shaker, since it was a pretty terrible representation, but at least he felt the same way as me, this was utterly terrible.

Rating - 0/5