06 February, 2014

Nacho Cheese Filet o Fish - Singapore - February 2014

"A Cheesy Belief"? - Is that the best slogan they could come up with?

First time I've seen ANYTHING sustainable being promoted in SG.

Consumed on 06 February 2014
Location - McDonald's Kovan, Singapore
Combo Price - $5.00SGD = $3.94USD
Calories - ~500kcal

On the bus ride into the office this morning I saw that there was a large marketing campaign (at nearly every busstop) promoting McDonald's "sustainable fishing".  From the top of the double decker I was on, it looked like they were just promoting a regular Filet-o-Fish, but when I arrived at the office I saw the new promo on the front page of the newspaper.  McDonald's was starting an "everyday $5" promotional campaign, where a consisting of a regular double cheeseburger combo, a McChicken with cheese, now called the "McChicken 'n Cheese", and the new addition "Nacho Cheese Filet o Fish", I quickly knew what I was going to be having for dinner tonight. 

They are going all out with this promo.  This was in our postbox today.

Most of the Nacho Cheese was on the bun, that large blob was my first bite

My initial thought about this burger, was that I thought it was going to be pretty disgusting. Not only did I think that the Nacho Cheese sauce was just going to be pretty bland, but the thought of it on a Filet O Fish, turned my stomach.  Though when I mentioned this new burger, my colleagues, friends and wife all thought it sounded pretty good.  Personally, I thought Nacho Cheese sauce should have been on a chicken sandwich, but that's just me.  The last time I've had a Filet O Fish was when Singapore had the back-to-back Thousand Island, and the Tangy Sesame promos.  Both of those weren't my cup of tea, and I wasn't expecting much from this new one but after I took my first bite, oh how wrong I was.

I had to do a bit of work when I got home, so my wife did the honours of taking the photos for this one, so that's why the hand holding the burger pretty small.  Essentially, this burger was just the standard Filet o Fish with Nacho Cheese spread on top.   I was writing and important email and she just stuck the burger in my mouth so she could get the photo with a bite, and she always judges my reaction before trying the new promos, if I find it gross, she'll often not even bother trying.  This one was a very nice surprise, and though the nacho cheese wasn't burning hot (which if eating with actual Nacho, it should be) it still had the distinct melted nacho cheese taste, which worked surprisingly well with the taste of the fish patty.  I was very surprised that McDonald's also included the original slice of cheese below the patty when it was topped with this stronger tasting nacho cheese, not only couldn't you taste the cheese slice, but since this variant doesn't cost any more than the standard burger, I thought they might have removed that slice to save a bit.

After my wife heard that I liked it, she gave it a try, and she also really enjoyed the taste.  Not sure if this will stick around on the standard menu, but I could see it becoming popular enough to either have a Nacho Cheese McChicken version, or just having them sell the Nacho Cheese as a standard add-on to any burger on the menu (kind of like how Bacon is).

Rating - 5/5

As great as this new burger was, don't fall for the new McChicken 'N Cheese!  The regular McChicken is only $4.50 for the combo, so why pay extra for just a standard slice of cheese when you can try this!   

Also, why can't I pay by credit card at the Kovan MRT branch any more?  I'm definitely not trying any new items there anymore, when I can earn miles by paying by card elsewhere.