20 February, 2014

Korean BBQ Burger - Taiwan - Feburary 2014

Consumed on 14 February 2014
Purchased in Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan.
Consumed in Singapore
Price - $39TWD = $1.29USD
Calories - Unknown

Last week, my high school friend from Canada, came down to Singapore from Taiwan for a visit.  I was keeping an eye out on McDonald's Taiwan's website to see if I would be lucky enough to have a new promo burger for him to bring down.  Taiwan doesn't have that many promos (its similar to Korea), and when they do, they run for a long time.  The promo for the last 3 months was the Prosperity Burger, which was the same as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and a number of other Asian countries.  The morning of his departure, I saw the prosperity burger had been removed from the website, and their new 'promo' was a 2 for $50 menu.  All but 1 of the items on this menu were regular menu items, but they did have one new promo burger hidden amongst them, the Korean BBQ Burger.  Luckily, since the renovations at Taipei Airport Terminal 2, there is now a McDonald's prior to security. I sent him a message and he quickly grabbed me one before his flight.

Unlike a number of other Flown In burgers I've tried, this was one of the more fresh ones I've had, and since it was only on a 3 hour flight, even my wife gave it a try.  As I usually do with the Flown In burgers, I stuck it in the microwave for 30 seconds to give it a little heat.  The smell that came off the burger was sweet, slightly garlicky, and reminded me of the Lucky Burger I recently had from Korea.  I took my first bite, and I really couldn't taste anything that reminded me of Korean BBQ.  From the size and the smell, I tried to remember the flavours from the bulgogi burgers that I would have back in Korea, but after my wife took a bite, she instantly knew what it was...it tasted like Teriyaki.  Once she said that I figured out that this didn't remind me of the bulgogi burger in Korea, but the Teriyaki Burger in Japan!  Even when she said that my friend (who didn't try it) immediately agreed that it did even smell like teriyaki.

All in, this was a pretty simple burger, it's on the equivalent of the dollar menu, and it doesn't taste anything like it's name, but I will admit, it was pretty tasty, and both my wife and I fought over the last couple of bites.

Rating - 4/5

Not only did my friend take his time and bring me a burger, but I sent him to McDonald's the night before as well to get my wife the new Yoshi Happy Meal Toy.