20 January, 2014

Lucky Burger (행운버거) - South Korea - January 2014

That's a pretty obvious Photoshop fry box.

A tiny bit crushed, but surprisingly appetising even though it's 24 hours old.

The Pre-Microwaved Burger. 

Consumed on 15 January 2014, in Singapore
Purchased on 14 January 2014, in Bundang, South Korea
Price - 4300KRW = $4.04USD
Calories - 552kcal

I mentioned in my last review that my wife was off visiting her family in Korea, I placed my McDonald's order before she left, and luckily this time she brought me back the burger I was looking for.  Last time she was in Canada, I wanted her to bring back the Lobster Burger for me, but the day she went to get it for me, it had finished it's month long run the night before.  Since we used some miles for her to fly to Korea this time, her flights back had her stop in both Fukuoka, and Taipei enroute to Singapore.  Unlucky for me that both of those airports don't have a McDonald's in the transit area.  If it was me, I would have cleared immigration for a quick visit to their McDonald's in the arrivals area, but that was a little much to ask from her.  My burger was actually purchased the evening before at a McDonald's near my wife's house in Bundang, South Korea, since she had a 9am flight out of Incheon Airport, she wouldn't have been able to get the burger the morning of her departure, as though some airports (like Dubai and Abu Dhabi) serve the dinner menu all day in their airport branches, the Incheon Airport branch does have a breakfast menu. Though left in the fridge over night, she packed my burger with an ice pack for its transit down to Singapore, and when she had a long 3 hour stop in Taipei, she put it in the fridge of the business class lounge she used.  This preservation must have helped, because this burger was the best 'flown-in' burger I've had. 

The burger is called "Lucky Burger" in Korean, but it looks like the English translation is the Prosperity Burger.  Though its the same shape, this is a bit misleading as the Prosperity Burger that's available in Singapore. Malaysia, and recently Hong Kong, China and Taiwan that are all using same black pepper sauce. It's called the Prosperity Burger in those countries because its a part of a Chinese New Year special, but since Korea isn't Chinese, the "lucky" in the Lucky Burger is to wish people luck in 2014.  This Korean burger uses a totally different sauce for the beef, which is a sticky garlic flavoured marinade.  The photos may look a bit misleading, since you might think the white sauce top is the garlic sauce, but just mayo.  The brown sauce that is on the patty is the garlic sauce.  It was once of the better sauces I've had on a McDonald's burger, and I could imagine that it would have been even better if it was fresh.  A couple friends I've talked to still living in Korea have tried the Lucky Burger, and neither of them liked it all that much, and they liked the 1988 Burger, which I also had flown in and I didn't really enjoy it.  I'm often hesitant to finish the entire flown-in burger, just in case they've gone off a bit, but I enjoyed this one so much I finished the whole thing!

The Lucky Burger was also served with Twisty Fries, just like the rest of the Prosperity Burgers in other countries, but since I've had those before, and I wouldn't want to imagine how soggy those would have been if flown into Singapore, I told her to give them a pass.  Also, no Prosperity McFizz in Korea, and that's a very good thing.

Rating - 4/5