16 January, 2014

Banana Crunch McFlurry & Another Banana Pie - Johor, Malaysia - August 2013

Consumed on 31 August 2013
Location - McDonald's City Square Mall, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Price - 4.95MYR = ~$1.51USD
Calories - ~375kcal

It just so happens that my home computer died last week (it stopped charging), and though I took it apart in to see if there was anything visibly wrong, it looks like she is finally dead.  She had a nice 3 year run, with only 2 open heart surgeries, which is 2X longer than any previous laptop I've owned.  Since I ended up buying my wife a new laptop on Black Friday and picked it up when we were in Canada over Christmas, and since she was in Korea, I didn't have any pressing urgency to try and get my files moved over to one of our other computers.  Now that she is back, and I'm allowed to watch Sherlock, I need to recover those files on that computer.  That means my McDonald's photos will be back and I can continue to post.  In the meantime, I had these photos still on my phone so this will have to do for the next couple of days.

The Banana Crunch McFlurry was what I had along side the Chicken McRib in Malaysia last August.  It didn't sound that promising honestly, it was Kelloggs Chocolate Corn Puffs mixed with Banana Syrup.  This isn't the first time Malaysia has had cereal on their McFlurries, in 2012 I tried the Strawberry Corn Flakes McFlurry.  Not sure why they partner up with Kelloggs in Malaysia and not anywhere else.  The Banana syrup was about as artificial as you would have expected, but thankfully it was not neon yellow like in the promotional photos, or like the Lime McFlurry I had in Malaysia, also in 2012.  Now, if you've read a couple other of my McFlurry reviews, I'm generally hit or miss with them, but this one was pretty middle of the road.  The Banana syrup, though nothing special, wasn't terrible, and the corn puffs were a bit bland, but they weren't overly crunchy (something I don't like in ice cream).  It would've been something my wife would have enjoyed, and I might have even had it again if I had a craving for some banana syrup.

Rating - 3/5

I also ordered a Banana Pie along side this ice cream. Though I did feel a bit of a glutton ordering that much food, so I limited myself to half the pie and half the ice cream.  Normally I would have made a separate review of the Banana Pie, but since it was identical to the one they had in Singapore, and I already did a review on that, I'm just going to skip it.  But I will post a couple photos here for anyone who is interested.