06 December, 2013

Kampung BBQ Drumlets - Singapore - December 2013

Since we had lunch outside, the humidity got to my lens a little bit.

Consumed on 05 December 2013
Location - At Work via McDelivery, Singapore
Price - $2.00SGD = $1.59USD
Calories - ~110kcal each

The Kampung BBQ Drumlets are the new side that launched with the Kampung Burger.  I guess McDonald's got a little lazy with their name for these because surely they could have come up with something else for the drumlets. Kampung means village, it's not like a village even has a specific flavour...

Over the last year that I've been living in Singapore I've had the opportunity to try two different flavoured drumlets, the first - The Honey Lemon drumlets, aside from my initial shock of their size, they were actually pretty good.  Ironically, the only time I've had McDonald's delivered before was when I tried the horrible Curry Drumlets, which launched alongside the McAloo Tikki back in August. The last time I had the drumlets delivered, they were cold and soggy, so this time in the notes section of the online order form, asked for my food to be cooked fresh before being delivered.
This shouldn't have been something which I had to do, but it seemed to have worked since both my Kampung Burger, as well as my drumlets and my side of corn, were delivered hot and fresh.  

The drumlets were the same pitiful size as all the times before, but I lucked out with one, since it had an entire two bites of meat on it.  Luckily the flavour was better than the curry variant, and it tasted more like the Honey Lemon flavour I had last year.  The outside of the chicken was coated in a sticky and sweet BBQ sauce.  It almost had a chipotle-esc smoky flavour to it, which was surprisingly nice. Though I enjoyed the sauce, I felt that these were a bit over battered, and slightly overcooked.  Though the one larger piece was still juicy, the smaller of the two was pretty dry.

Like my previous reviews of the drumlets, I only tried these for the purpose of reviewing them here, and unless you are very curious about the flavour, I'd give them a pass, they just aren't worth your money.

Rating - 2.5/5