19 December, 2013

Hot Hawaiian Quarter Pounder - Sydney, Australia - October 2013

Consumed on 20 October 2013
Location - McDonald's The Strand, Sydney, Australia
Price - $6.25AUD = $5.54USD
Calories - ~580kcal


I've got a flight to catch pretty soon, so this is going to be a short review, probably one of the shortest ever.  I might do another during one of my connections, so maybe there'll be another one shortly after this post, keep an eye out.  Hopefully it makes up for not having a review over the last two weeks.

 When I reviewed the Kampung Burger a couple weeks back at home in Singapore, it didn't even cross my mind how similar it was to the Hot Hawaiian burger I had in Sydney back in October.  Both burgers were topped with Salsa and Pineapple, how could I have missed that coincidence?  The Kampung Burger used a McMuffin for its bun, but either than that, they were identical.  Well, not exactly identical...the salsa used on this "Hot" Hawaiian burger was tangier than the salsa on the Kampung Burger.  Other than the toppings, it was a standard Quarter Pounder, which to be honest, I haven't had in years.  The beef was saltier than I would have liked, and the price was unbelievable!  I didn't even order a combo and the burger eas $6.50 on its own.  Thats one of the most expensive burgers I've ever had from any McDonald's!

Sorry!  Time to board my flight.  That's it for now.  
Rating - 3/5