03 December, 2013

Banana Pie - Singapore - November 2013

Hmmm, no promo box?  Was this a rushed launch?

Consumed on 7 November 2013
Location - McDonald's Scape Branch, Singapore
Price - Included in $7.75 Ebi Burger Feast
Calories - ~300kcal

I probably should have wrote this review a little sooner.  McDonald's Singapore released the Banana Pie as a promotional side along with the Ebi Burger in the beginning of November.  Within 10 days, both the Banana Pie, and Ebi Burger were sold out island wide.  They quickly brought the burger back in a couple days, but the Banana Pie has remained sold out since then.  It's a bit of a shame, since my friend visiting from Canada wanted to order the Ebi Feast to try whilst he was in Singapore.  What is even worse that they continued to sell the Ebi Feast, sans Banana Pie for the same price, they didn't even substitute it with a regular Apple Pie, but that's typical Singaporean cheapness I've come to expect. Because of this, I refused to order the Ebi Feast a 2nd time, and went with a standard $2 McChicken.  Most of the branches have a sticker on top of where the Banana Pie is in their promos, but McDonald's Singapore website, and Facebook page have actually photoshopped the Pie from existence, and no longer make any mention to it. 

Original Promo

Revised promo.

What most people in Singapore don't know is that the Banana Pie was being sold just across the bridge in Malaysia for nearly 2 months prior to arriving in Singapore.  The Banana Pie was launched in August along side the Chicken McRib, both of which I tried, and will be writing reviews on them shortly.  The Chicken McRib sold out quicker than most Malay promos, whereas most last about 2 months, the McRib was only a month, so I wouldn't be surprised at all if their leftover Banana Pies were sent down to Singapore.  Mostly likely this isn't the case, since everything in Singapore is ungodly slow, so I doubt they got their act together, marketed, and launched in a month, but there surely has to be some excuse how the Banana Pies sold out so quickly, and they just aren't telling.

Not sure if she's going to like me posting these

Though, the contributing factor for these Pies selling out could have simply been because they were so damn good.  I'm not a big fan of the deep fried pies at McDonald's, but even I really enjoyed this one.  The filling was a nice mixture of both soft, but hard enough to not be runny.  The taste was distinctly banana, as one would hope, and though you couldn't pick out any identifying Banana chunks inside, it actually tasted like real banana, instead of something more artificiality flavoured.  Even if they were still being sold, I'm not sure I'd try it again due to the sheet number of calories in these things, but it was nice to try once.

Rating - 4/5