07 November, 2013

Mushroom Sauce, Seaweed & Spicy Roasted Chicken Shakers - Various Countries - October 2013

Consumed on 06 October 2013
Location - McDonald's Bugis Village, Singapore
Price - Free with up sized combo (Singapore & Indonesia) or fry purchase (Japan)
Calories - ~5-10kcal each

Reverse of the Japanese "Mushroom Sauce"

Reverse of the Indonesian Spicy Roasted Chicken (smart place for the directions)

Reverse of the Singaporean Seaweed Shakers.
I thought I would combine these 3 McShakers into one review, since I've reviewed Seaweed Shakers from a couple different countries before, and my hatred of mushroom stems to even mushroom flavoured things, so the only review interesting for you readers would be for the Indonesian Spicy Roasted Chicken flavour.  Plus, since my wife and I tried these all at the same time (we rarely get McDonald's fries), the photos would work better in a single post.

I'll start with the Mushroom Sauce, since that's going to be the least exciting.  My friend Nick sent me a Mushroom Sauce (not sure why they didn't call it Shaka Shaka) packet along with a promotional nugget sauce (which I've still yet to write a review for) for me to try from Japan.  He probably sent these in August sometime, and I was carrying them in my bag until my wife and I would be having McDonald's fries together, as I fully planned on not trying a single fry.  When I did rip open the packet, it definitely didn't smell like any mushroom I've smelt before, but I was still hesitant to try it.  My wife tried it first and said it didn't taste anything at all like mushrooms, so I gave a single fry a try. It was sweeter than I would have expected.  I didn't spit it out in disgust, but it was not something I wanted to have any more of.  My wife actually didn't even finish the small portion we coated with this and she's a big mushroom fan.

The leftover pile of the Mushroom seasoning.

The Seaweed Shakers were from here in Singapore, and they launched alongside the 2013 issue of the Samurai Burger.  I didn't have a Samurai burger this year since I reviewed it last year, and it was stupidly expensive.  They even launched a Chicken version of it but it was priced even more than the beef original, and I didn't try it out of principle.  Though you could receive a Seaweed shaker if you upsized any combo, and it didn't have to be the overpriced Samurai burger, so I happily gave it a try.  Though I've had Seaweed shakers from both Japan and Hong Kong before, this was the least seaweedy of the 3.  Seaweed on it's own is naturally salty, so it makes a great addition to fries, but strangely this Singapore version was less actual seaweed flakes and more sugar and salt. Looking at the ingredients, seaweed was actually only the 7th most used ingredient so it's not at all surprising that it hardly had any real seaweed taste. That said, it wasn't terrible, so we did finish the small portion of our fries that we coated with it. 

The leftover pile of Seaweed seasoning

The final shaker flavour we tried that afternoon was the Spicy Roasted Chicken from Indonesia.  A couple of my co-workers went to Bali in August and they brought me back one of these.  At the time Indonesia had 2 different shaker flavours.  I forget what the other one was, but I was hoping they were going to bring me this one as it was the more interesting of the two.  I wasn't sure how well they'd be able to recreate "Spicy Chicken" into a seasoning, but it worked rather well considering it didn't taste like roasted chicken, nor was it spicy at all!  Both my wife and I enjoyed it, but we could both agree that it tasted nothing at all like the name said it would.  I guess you could compare it to some of the stranger Pringles flavours, you can see what they are trying to do, but it doesn't taste anything at all like it, but still you have no problem eating the entire can.  These were also the least salty of the 3 we tried that day.  It was also a much finer grain than the others, and it was the only one that used MSG (but don't let my wife know)

The leftover pile of Spicy Roasted Chicken seasoning

Seaweed Seasoned Fries

Mushroom Seasoned Fries

Chicken Seasoned Fries
Ratings - 
Mushroom - N/A
Seaweed - 2/5
Spicy Roasted Chicken - 3/5