28 November, 2013

Georgie Pie - Auckland, New Zealand - October 2013

Georgie Pie

The promo photo looks pretty close to the real thing

Consumed on - 16 October 2013
Location - McDonald's Britomart, Auckland, New Zealand
Price - $4.50NZD = $3.67USD
Calories - Unknown

I originally thought $4.50 was pretty expensive, until I looked at the rest of the menu.

Maybe it's possible for them to introduce other flavours?

The Georgie Pie was something I was looking forward to trying since I read about its re-launch in early 2013.  I wasn't familiar with Georgie Pie was until I read up about it a bit.  So here's my quick and naive history on the Georgie Pie (which is sure to anger any Kiwi readers), is that it was a popular fast food restaurant selling primarily meat pies that was bought up by McDonald's, and eventually closed in the late 90's.  This is the first time Georgie Pies have been available since them, and the first time McDonald's have sold Georgie Pie's in their regular stores.  Back in the day, apparently they used to sell many different flavours of Pie's, and as a part of the relaunch, McDonald's brought back their best selling flavour, the "Mince 'N Cheese".

As much as I was looking forward to trying it, there was a possibility that I might have not been able to visit a branch that was actually selling them.  At the time we were in NZ, they were only selling them at specific downtown Auckland locations (and they are now rolling them out nationwide since they sold so well in Auckland over the last 6 months).  My wife and I flew into Auckland from Shanghai, and we had about 6 hours before our flight to Tonga.  She was feeling pretty sick, and we debated just spending our time in the business class lounge rather than going out to the city.  I've been to Auckland before, but this was her first time and she didn't want to pass up the opportunity to see a new city, so even though we were both extremely tired, we decided to venture out to the city for a couple hours.  

It may not look like much, but it's mostly all steak.

We were actually in the city by 6:30am, and since the Georgie Pie not a breakfast item, I could only try it right before we going to be heading back to the airport, because breakfast is finished at 10:30.  We were sitting in the branch at around 10:15 waiting for breakfast to finish, and I noticed the man who sat down next to us starting to eat a pie, so I guess they didn't have any problems serving them a little early (that would never go over here in Singapore).  My wife was tired so she didn't even want to try a single bite.  Normally, I'd convince her to give it a try, but she has a deep seeded hatred towards meat pies after living in Australia, so I didn't want to force the issue.

It may have been because I ordered on right when they started the lunch menu, but it was unbelievably hot!  The pastry on the outside didn't feel that hot, but when I took my first bite the soft filling inside burnt the entire inside of my mouth.  It was so hot that I would have actually prefered it to be slightly cooler, as it was impossible to eat for at least 2 minutes.  Once it had cooled down, I could begin to actually taste the flavours of the pie.  The steak mince was actually large, soft, flavourful pieces of beef, the cheese was a little creamier than I would have liked.  I personally thought a sharper cheese would have worked better, especially since there was so much beef & gravy inside.  The pie crust was a nice blend of crispy, and soft, but it may just be because I grew up eating my grandmothers meat pies, I would have liked it to have been a little bit more buttery.

All in, this was one of the more unique items I've had at McDonald's and its something I wish to try again in the near future, hopefully after a good nights sleep, and an empty stomach.

Rating - 4/5