01 October, 2013

Chicken Rice Fun Wrap - Hong Kong - July 2013

Consumed on 22 July 2013
Location - Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong
Price - $34HKD in an upsized combo. = $4.38USD 
Calories - Unknown

This is the last one from Hong Kong for a while, I promise!  This also happens to be the last item I reviewed on my honeymoon back in July. I've actually been in Singapore/Malaysia for an entire month now, but you'll be happy to learn I have another multi-country trip coming up, where I plan on reviewing a whole new range of items.  Sadly, a couple of the countries we'll be visiting, Uzbekistan and Tonga don't have McDonald's, but the other 4 will! So keep an eye out for those over the few couple of weeks. In more local news, McDonald's here in Singapore brought back the Samurai Burger again, and though my in-laws who came down to visit from Korea gave it a try, I haven't had it, but it looks like there's a new Chicken variant launching tomorrow, so I will be giving that at a try before heading off on our next trip. 

The Chicken Rice Fun Wrap was the other "Rice Fun" item that launched alongside the Rice Fun Bowl. McDonald's around the world have been pretty wrap-crazy, as I've noticed them popping up in a number of countries recently, including the one I recently reviewed in Malaysia (and they've more recently even started a breakfast wrap).  As mentioned in the first review, these actually launched back in April in both Taiwan and Hong Kong, so they were probably one of the first wraps of this new wave.

The Rice Fun Wrap was identical in size as the Malay one I had, but instead of using more 'premium' vegetables, the Hong Kong version just used the standard hamburger topping lettuce and sauce, there was cucumber in there, which is always a nice surprise.  I remember years ago, before I started this blog when I had the "ChinaMac" in mainland China (2006 I think), which also had cucumber and a number of other unique vegetables on top of it, I can't remember the last time I've found cucumber at McDonald's since then.  What was also different about this wrap was the seasoned rice patty that was inside, I'm not sure if rice patties inside a tortilla is a common fusion dish in HK, but despite the carb overload, it worked surprisingly well.  The sauce was a creamy tangy mayo, but it was noticeably more mayo than spice, I would have liked it to had more flavour. Just as the beef was a burger patty sliced in half, the chicken was the same idea, just a cut up McChicken patties, so the meat wasn't anything special, but it, combined with the rice patties made for a pretty filling meal. I'd be happy to have it again if I could.  It must be selling pretty well as it's not only still available in Hong Kong, but it's now also in mainland China, maybe this could become the next regular menu item?

Rating - 4/5

Along side the Rice Fun items, you could order steamed broccoli on it's own, but since my Rice Fun Bowl came with it, I didn't order more on the side.  I could have ordered the Cream of Mushroom & Corn Soup, but long time readers will know.  I. Hate. Mushrooms!  So there was never any chance of getting me to review it. More Singapore and Malaysia reviews coming later this week.