22 September, 2013

Karubi Beef Rice Fun Bowl - Hong Kong - July 2013

It's dinner time at McDonald's

Not the prettiest of dinners to be honest
Rice bowls, served in a box.

Consumed on 22 July 2013
Location - McDonald's Hong Kong International Airport
Price - $25HKD = $3.22USD
Calories - Unknown

When my wife and I were flying back from Hong Kong to Singapore in July, I was sent out to pick up a couple last minute purchases from the pharmacy, she sat in the lounge with the bags, and I was sent out to do the errands.  Since we were at the airport a little early, I had a little time to explore, and when I was walking through the food court, I noticed that McDonald's was still offering their "dinner" rice based promos!  I had completely forgotten about them, as they weren't heavily promoted on their website since the new summer desserts and nuggets sauces had taken precedence, and since we only visited McDonald's during breakfast and lunch hours, I didn't know these were still available.  Even though I had McDonald's twice already that day, and we already had dinner, I still made room in my stomach for a couple more items that I didn't think I'd have the chance to try again, the first was the Karubi Beef Rice Fun Bowl.

I went with the "karubi" (which is essentially Korean kalbi) beef version of the rice bowl as it seemed like the more interesting of the two flavours, and since I already had enough food for the day, I thought avoiding the fried chicken was the healthier of the two options.  Since I was pretty excited with my find, I ordered them to go, and I hurried back to the lounge so my wife could give them a try.  When I took the box (not sure why they call it the "fun bowl" when it's always served in a box) out of the bag, I noticed the amount weight to it. It wasn't very pretty when I opened it, though I'm not sure if the contents shifted as I carried it to the lounge but the broccoli and beef were all over the place.  

It was nice to see a giant scoop of rice and corn covering the entire bottom of the box, far more than I would have expected. As from the promotional photos, I expected that it used 2 regular hamburger patties, cut in half and topped with the sauce.  Since it was a kalbi sauce, it was sweet, but it wasn't as flavourful nor as spicy as I would have liked. There wasn't anything disgusting about it, it just wasn't all that great.  The broccoli was steamed, and a served just a little hard, exactly how I like it, but I can imagine that some people might have wanted it cooked longer. The corn in the rice gave it just enough flavour that it wasn't boring, but not overpowering the other toppings. 

Yet another wonderfully terrible eating photo.

Looks like these rice dishes have made it not only to Hong Kong, but they were also available in Taiwan (which I missed by a single day), Macau, and Mainland China.  If they ever made it to Singapore, they'd make a nice quick lunch, but with the quality of mixed rice hawkers, I couldn't see them competing very well at dinner time, especially for the price.

Rating - 3/5