17 September, 2013

Hot Dog Sausage & Tonkatsu Grilled Chicken Twisty Pasta - Hong Kong - July 2013

Consumed on 22 July 2013
Location - McDonald's New Town Plaza, Shatin, Hong Kong
Price - Hot Dog Sausage Egg Pasta Combo - $27.60HKD = $3.56.  Grilled Chicken Twisty Pasta Combo (Tonkatsu Flavour) - $28.50HKD = $3.69USD
Calories - Unknown

McDonald's Hong Kong breakfast receipt

My wife made her first ever trip to Hong Kong with me in 2010, (though she wasn't my wife back then) and we had the Sausage Twisty Pasta breakfast.  On the rare occasion that we do have a McDonald's breakfast she reminds me how much she enjoyed that soupy pasta, and how much she wanted to have it again.  Though I have been back to HK probably 10 times since then, this was her first trip since her first, and since we moved from the Conrad our first night to a Marriott, where I'm not an elite member, we had a perfect opportunity to go have her a Twisty Pasta breakfast. I was in luck because for most of 2013, McDonald's Hong Kong has been running a promotional Hot Dog Sausage Twisty Pasta, and since the last time I've had it, they introduced a "Tonkatsu" soup base as an alternative to the standard base. It looks like they've stopped being able to add a slice of cheese into the soup, which I did when I reviewed it back in 2011. So I ordered the Hot Dog Sausage with the standard soup, and the Grilled Chicken with the new Tonkatsu broth.

As is standard operating procedure now, I placed the order whilst my wife hunted for a table.  After bringing our soups to the table, hers, the Hot Dog one was just fine, but my Grilled Chicken one was missing vegetables, as well as it had the standard soup.  I brought it back to the counter to exchange it, and it took a couple people to finally understand what the problem was, but it was eventually sorted.  Strangely, the one that replaced it, only had corn whereas it's supposed to have corn, peas and carrots (like my Hot Dog one), but I noticed the woman who sat next to us, her soup only had corn, so they must have just run out of other veggies.  To be honest, they were just as good, and as filling as I remember.  The new Hot Dog Sausage itself, wasn't really anything special.  It was larger than the actual hot dogs I've had for McDonald's breakfast, but it wasn't really all that flavourful.  I'd stick with the standard sausage patty, or better yet, the grilled chicken.  This was actually the first time I've had the grilled chicken version as I always previously opted for the sausage.  The tonkatsu soup broth was pretty weak, it barely even changed the colour of the broth let alone give it a standout flavour.  Next time I wouldn't pay the $1 ($0.13USD) to "upgrade" the soup, I preferred the standard one.

Another wonderfully terrible photo of me.

In return, a decently terrible photo of her!

You might not notice, but we are both pretty jetlagged as we were still on South African time
The Twisty Pasta's are still one of my most favourite regular menu items, but these limited edition variants could have been better executed. That makes it difficult it to rate these, since they were still tasty, but as variants, they didn't go above and beyond the original.

Rating - 4/5 (slightly below the original)