09 September, 2013

"Dip it Your Way" Sauces - Phuket, Thailand - June 2013

The stand that was in front of every cash register.

They don't look like much, but each cup gives you quite a bit.

Consumed on 15 June 2013
Location - Phuket, Thailand
Price - 9THB = $0.27USD for most.  15THB = $0.46USD for cheese.
Calories - Unknown

When my friends and I were out the night before my wedding, along side the Samurai Pork Burger, and Pies that we shared around (for my friends to try as neither of them had been to Thailand before), I ordered one of each of the new "Dip it Your Way" sauces that were on offer at the time.  I had noticed the stand at the cash register a couple times in Thai McDonald's before, but I never really paid close attention to the flavours offered. It seemed that the "Sour Cream and Onion" dip was new, but to be honest I don't know for how long, nor if it is still available.  The other flavours were "Classic Mayo", "Italian Dip" and the most costly "Cheesy Dip".  The 3 standard flavours were 9THB for each cup, and the cheese was 15THB, though you'll only notice the cheese was more if you look reallllly close next to its name on the stand.

Unlike the nugget sauces, these look to be primarily used to dip your fries into.  I don't think Thailand has ever had a shaker packet on promo, so it looks like these are the more local alternative.  Since my friends and I only had 2 fries to share between 3 big guys, and since one was used to try the Butter Soy Sauce shakers I had sent down from Japan, we were pretty limited with what we could dip into each.  I started with the cheese dip, which was probably my favourite of the lot.  It tasted surprisingly like nacho cheese, but without the tangy "spice" that you get in decent nacho cheese.  Though the name "Cheesy dip" (as opposed to "cheese dip" tells you pretty clearly that it isn't proper melted cheese, it was still as good, and as unhealthy as you'd want a cheese dip to taste.  The others clearly weren't my cup of tea.  

Mayo was easily the worst, it was just plain mayo, nothing else, nothing special. They took a bit of the mayo that they put on the chicken burger and poured it into the cup.  I'm not sure why they charge for this, but ketchup is free.  Unless you really love mayo on your chips, just scrape some off your burger and save your money. The Italian dip was slightly more promising, but it had the taste of a pretty lacklustre salad dressing mixed with mayo. The mayo base was overpowering, and the italian flavour was too weak.  To be honest, it would have been better if they just gave us a cup of italian salad dressing over this.  The last, and the newest, the Sour Cream and Onion dip was at least more like you'd expect.  They mayo base worked well, as you expect a Sour Cream and Onion sauce to be creamy, but much like the italian flavour, it just wasn't strong enough.  When you've been eating flavourful Thai food, and even other the dishes at Thai McDonald's are pretty tasty, like any of the rice dishes, it's just not worth it to be pouring these sauces on anything.

You can see after the 3 of us had finished "trying" these sauces how much we had left.  I tried bringing them back to the villa we were staying in for my sister to try, but they spilled over each other in the car.  Definitely not a big loss for anyone.

Mayo - 0/5
Italian - 2/5
Sour Cream and Onion - 3/5
Cheesy Dip - 4/5