26 August, 2013

Kumquat Green Tea Punch - Hong Kong - July 2013

McDonald's Hong Kong Kumquat Green Tea Punch - July 2013

Consumed on 22 July 2013
Location - McDonald's Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Price - $3.50HKD with a combo = $0.45USD.  $14.50 ala carte = $1.87USD
Calories - Unknown.  Probably ~300kcal

Not sure why Hello Kitty was on the cup, maybe a left over from a previous promo.

McDonald's Hong Kong Causeway Bay receipt.

The Kumquat Green Tea Punch was the 2nd, of the summer promo desserts I was able to try in Hong Kong back in July, with the first being the Choconana Cake McFlurry.  As I said in that review, I skipped the Mango sundae, because I had something similar in Singapore before, and it wasn't all that interesting. Quite the opposite to the Kumquat Green Tea Punch, as I thought this sounded excellent, and definitely it would be something that would only be available in Hong Kong/China/Taiwan, and I was excited to try it. Since we were there a couple days before this launched, I was looking forward to giving it a try. I was lucky because it only started being sold on the 22nd, and that was the day we were leaving HK, I was worried that some of the branches might not have it on launch day (I've run into this in Singapore a couple of times), but my fears were put to rest when I noticed that every branch I looked at had it.

To be honest, when I think of kumquat, I don't really know what flavour to think of.  I know I've had a number kumquat flavoured drinks before (mostly in Hong Kong and Taiwan), but I always seem to forget if I like it or not...until I drink it, then I instantly remember that I do indeed like it. I'm not sure if I've ever had the actual fruit though, I should hunt some down to give it a try.  Though the drink was Green Tea based, you could taste the fruit much more than the tea, and that's probably because the tea was heavily sweetened, before even adding the sweetened jelly to the bottom. If you didn't tell me that it used a green tea base, I probably would have never guessed.

Now, I usually drink my coffee & tea completely sugar free and wouldn't have it any other way.  Asian countries have a number of prepackaged, heavily sweetened tea drinks which I can't stand, so I was a little afraid about this one.  But seeing this was clearly a dessert, it was sweet to be refreshing not just sweet to hide the bitterness of the tea, that I can accept.  I was surprised by the amount and the variation of the jelly bits added to the drink, there was easily enough to make sure every mouthful, aside from jelly, they also had small chunks of actual fruit in there as well, which added a nice crunch alongside the jelly.  I even used the straw/spoon to pick away the pieces that were stuck to the ice once I had finished the drink, I enjoyed it that much. 

Rating - 5/5