19 August, 2013

Curry Drumlets - Singapore - August 2013

McDonald's Singapore 2013 - Curry Drumlets

Consumed on 15 August 2013
Price - $2.00 SGD ($2.30SGD from McDelivery) = $1.57USD
Calories - Unknown
Last week, when they introduced the McAloo Tikki burger, they also released a new Drumlet side dish, the Curry Drumlets, at least they were keeping it "Indian".  I've officially been in Singapore for a year now, and this is the 2nd "drumlets" side I've had, the first being the Honey Lemon Drumlets back in February, go check out that review, as the same problem I had with them back then, is still present now...the price.

The same white bag as last time.  Really not sure what else they use this for...

10pc and still probably less meat than a McSpicy
These tiny 'drumlets' should not be $1 each.  McDonald's Singapore even had the audacity to launch a 10pc 'meal' for a whopping $9.50!  This is the most expensive single item at McDonald's in Singapore, and I'm sure that even after eating 10 pieces, you'd be hungry for more.  Back when I tried the Honey Lemon flavour, though they were small, at least they were decent tasting.  I'm not sure if these weren't great because we had them delivered, but they were pretty dry, the meat was chewy and the curry flavour was weak. It wasn't even as strong as a Curry Shaker pack, and it probably would have been better if you just sprinkled that directly on top of the McWings instead.

A short review for a tiny, terrible product.