12 August, 2013

Choconana Cake McFlurry - Hong Kong - July 2013

McDonald's Hong Kong Summer 2013 Choconana Cake McFlurry

Hong Kong Summer 2013 Dessert Promos

Consumed on 21 July 2013
Price - 8HKD = $1.03USD with combo purchase. 14HKD ala cart.
Calories - ~400kcal

After 2+ weeks in Africa, I was glad to be back in Hong Kong.  Living in Seoul, I was in HK almost monthly, which allowed me, to not only eat as much local Chinese food as possible, but also the ability to try many limited McDonald's items.  My last time in HK was a brief stop in the airport, but I was still able to review threeitems (though I must admit, one was in the airplane toilet).  Luckily, I didn't eat this McFlurry in a lavatory, but rather sitting in the comfort of a restaurant with my wife (who hasn't been back to HK in over 3 years!)

The Choconana Cake McFlurry was released in Hong Kong around early May.  I'm not exactly sure when, but I know it was launched along side the new "night time" rice menu options (reviews to come, keep an eye out!).  The rice wraps were in Taiwan a few weeks before HK though they never received this McFlurry, and I missed them by 2 days when I was in Taiwan this April.  Though this launched with the night menu earlier, it was now available all day as a part of the new summer dessert promo. It was also available at 2 different price points, 14HKD on it's own, or 8HKD when purchased with a combo.  Seeing as a combo can be as cheap as 20HKD, it's a better value to get it along with a combo, so that's exactly what we did.

When I was ordering it, I was expecting a Chocolate + Banana flavoured McFlurry, I originally thought that the "cake" in the name was more marketing than anything else, and with a couple deceivingly named McFlurries I've had in Singapore, I wasn't expecting much more than a simply flavoured ice cream, boy was I wrong.  I watched the woman prepare my McFlurry over the counter, she mixed the ice cream, syrup together, then reached into a box and scooped 4-5 large pieces of actual cake on top! It wasn't just cheap, flavourless pound cake either, it was multi layered cake with a nice thick bit of cream in the centre.  I'm not sure if they used the same cake that they sell at the McCafe's but it was absolutely fantastic.  Aside from the cake, the ice cream had chocolate sauce mixed evenly throughout, and the banana flavouring wasn't overly strong nor artificial. It didn't have any large chunks of fruit like some I've had, but still a very good taste that both my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed.

Normally when trying McFlurries, I end up leaving half of the cup, I finished this one clean.  I even debated with myself to get it again the following day. Due to the sheer number of McDonald's items I needed to review during our short stay in HK, I resisted, but I regret doing so now.  If there's one of the summer promos that I hope becomes a regular menu item, it's this!

Rating - 5/5 
The best McFlurry I've ever had.  Period.

Also, I did an interview with Slate.com a few months back, and it looks like it just went live now.  If you learned about my blog from that article, welcome! If you didn't, go check it out here!