12 July, 2013

Strawberry McFizz - Singapore - July 2013

Consumed on 05 July 2013
Location - Singapore Changi International Airport Terminal 2
Price - Free with Promo nugget meal. (AKA, an upsized combo)
Calories - ~350kcal
McDonald's Singapore Airport Receipt

This review is going to be short and sweet, as my wife and I are currently on Zanzibar, and the internet is worse than dial up.  It's the first time in a couple days that I could even get a decent enough connection to upload a single photo.  This was actually the second time I tried the Strawberry McFizz, the first time was probably at midnight, back in June.  I didn't write a review on it the first time, as I had a terrible photo of it from my mothers hotel room, and I only had a sip.  I didn't have business class lounge access this time, but my wife did, so as she went off to the lounge, I sat in the McDonald's and was able to try a couple new promo items that had been on offer.

To be honest, I'm getting a little tired of the "McFizz" line of drinks they keep introducing.  I try them solely for the blog at this point.  They've ranged from acceptable, to bad, but I've never really enjoyed one.  Rather than being flavour + Spite, at least McDonald's tried to spice it up a bit, as in every cup they included a spoonful of the strawberry syrup that usually goes on the sundaes.  Not sure that someone so sweet needed another scoop of sugary syrup, but I doubt anyone in Singapore would complain with the amount of sugar they put in their coffee, they must be used to it by now...

As expected the taste wasn't all that exciting, but I was thirsty enough to finish it this time (which I couldn't say about some of the other flavours).  The one problem with adding the ice cream syrup into the drink is that the little pieces of strawberry were either too large, or ended up getting stuck inside the straw.  It would have been nice if they used one of those straws with a little scoop/spoon at the end, as once the liquid was finished, it was impossible to get the remaining strawberry pieces that were too large for the straw.

Rating - 3/5

More to come once we are in South Africa next week. 

Also, it figures that as soon as I leave, Singapore introduces a new burger - the Rendang Beef Burger.  This has BETTER be still available once I get back, as it looks pretty awesome.  Though the Rose McFizz sounds disgusting.  I've already had the Curry Shakers, keep an eye out for that review next week.
McDonald's Singapore Rendang Burger. Rose McFizz & Curry Shaker Fries