27 July, 2013

Spicy Chicken McWrap - Johor, Malaysia - June 2013

McDonald's Malaysia 2013 Spicy Chicken McWrap Packaging

Opened McWrap

The reverse of the packaging.

Consumed on 22 June 2013
Location - McDonald's City Square, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Combo Price - 11.80MYR = $3.68USD
Calories - Unknown, probably around 450-500

McDonald's Malaysia McWrap Receipt
About a month ago, when shortly after our wedding in Thailand, we had a couple weeks between then and the honeymoon.  I was able to try the new "Spicy" promo of the already promotional McWrap.  To my readers in most western countries, though the McWrap is now a regular menu item in many countries, I believe this is the first time the full size wrap has been launched in Asia. Korea has gone through a range of "snack" sized wraps over the years (of which I've been able to review all but the elusive "Australian BBQ" which I continue to miss by a couple weeks each time its released), but this is the first full size McWrap.  It's also not to be confused with the "foldovers" that Malaysia and Indonesia have had before, as they are more similar to the McTurko rather than a western style wrap.  Actually, the only one comparable to it was the Spinach Wrap I tried in China.
Inside the Malaysian McWrap

To be honest, from the promo photos that I saw before, I expected the wrap to be like most of the Snack Wraps I've had before, a little bit of meat, and the standard burger toppings inside a small tortilla. When I saw the wrap placed on the tray my first thought was that it was huge!  It was easily 3-4 times the size of a snack wrap, and it weighed a hefty amount. My wife was waiting at a table with my friend Andrew when I was ordering, and she didn't know what I was going to be eating that day.  She was impressed when she saw the huge box and immediately gave up on her McChicken and wanted to try the McWrap.  As I mentioned before, this was the "Spicy" variant of the Chicken McWrap.  I doubt all that many people tried them compared to other promos, as not only was this Spicy version only available for about a week, the McWraps were only available in "selected" branches in Malaysia.   

When we removed the top from the box, I was impressed yet again with the quality of the ingredients inside the wrap.  The chicken, though fried, was plump and juicy, and they used whole leaf lettuce along with a nice serving of tomato and onion. It even had a respectable little kick it to it, as it was using both spicy mayo, and the seasoned chicken from the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe, which has since become a regular menu item. It was shockingly cheap, pretty big, and tasted great. I just hope they bring it back soon (with a grilled chicken version!) The only "problem" was that the tortilla was so hot, a bit of it got stuck to the packaging tearing it in places.

I've been told by my wife to post more horrible eating photos of myself, not just here.
Rating - 5/5