02 July, 2013

Samurai Pork Burger - Phuket, Thailand - June 2013

McDonald's Thailand Samurai Pork Burger

Strangely, the promo makes it look smaller than it actually is!

Consumed on 15 June 2013
Location - Phuket, Thailand
Combo Price - 134THB = $4.33USD
Calories - Unknown

McDonald's Thailand Receipt

I had tried the Samurai Pork Burger on my first visit to Thailand way back in 2006.  This was long before the blog days, and I didn't even get a photo of it, let alone remember how it tastes.  On all my previous trips to Thailand I've skipped the Samurai Pork Burger because it was a bit too simple, and since its a regular menu item, I knew I could always try it on "the next visit".  I'd probably been to Thailand over 10 times since then, and I only got around to trying it this last trip, mostly, because I was with friends who had never tried it before, so it was a prefect excuse to order it again. 

The "Samurai" in this burgers name, is the same as the other Samurai Burger, which briefly makes an appearance in Singapore and Malaysia every year, meaning it is a patty, covered in Teriyaki Sauce. In fact, other than it being smaller and made of pork, it also has the same toppings, as its bigger brother, just lettuce and mayo.  I don't doubt that the sauce is identical between the the two, and seeing that the Malaysian version was bigger, had a thicker patty, and was cheaper, I was a little disappointed with this Thai version.  The pork patty reminded me of the Korean Bulgogi Burger, because that also uses a pork patty, and has a 'unique' sauce in addition to mayo.

There wasn't anything wrong with it tastewise, just with the other exciting and unique promo items you can usually try at Thai McDonald's, its probably worth giving it a pass. 

Rating - 3/5