24 July, 2013

Curry Shaker - Singapore - July 2013

McDonald's Singapore 2013 Curry Shaker Packer

Consumed on 05 July 2013
Location - McDonald's Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 2, Airside.
Price - Free with Upsized combo
Calories - Unknown

We are now safely back in Singapore after 17 days in Africa (with a couple days of Hong Kong at the tail end of the trip), not to say there weren't any major problems with getting back, but after some shockingly terrible service by Ethiopian Airlines in Johannesburg, we are back, therefore I'm finally able to write a review.  It shouldn't have taken me so long, but the benefit is I now have a significant backlog of items to write about, so even if I can't travel for a couple months, I'll still be able to write many new posts over the upcoming weeks.

The Curry Shakers were available in Singapore shortly before I left for Africa, and I tried them in Changi Airport before our first flight (along with the Strawberry McFizz).  Though a new promo burger and a new McFizz flavour has launched (which I have still yet to try), these are still the shakers that are served along with it.  Usually these shakers cycle through with the new promos, so I'm not sure why the Curry Shakers have lasted so long.  This actually isn't the only Curry flavoured item you can get in Singapore, as one of the 4 standard McNugget dips in Singapore is the Curry sauce.

Long time readers already know what Shakers/McShakers are as I've done a number of reviews on various different flavours over the last 2 years.  If you are new to the blog and want to learn more, click here for a list of all the shakers I've reviewed, read a couple, and you'll quickly learn what they are.

In September 2012, "Katsu Curry" shakers were available in neighbouring Malaysia, along side the Samurai Burger and Jasmine McFizz.  They never did make it across the border back then, but from my review, I mentioned I found them a bit too salty.  As you can see comparing the two ingredients, they are slightly different. Sugar was still the number one ingredient, and they thankfully weren't overly salty like the Japanese ones. They were indeed VERY curry flavoured, it was actually so strong, you wouldn't know you were eating McDonald's fries if you couldn't see them. They probably could gone with 2-3g packages like the Japanese Shakers, rather than the 5g used here.  My fingers were stained orange after eating the shakers, and even after washing my hands with soap & water, and then using alcohol hand sanitiser, I could still smell curry on my fingers.  It was probably a mistake to eat these right before going on a trip that would take us near 24 hours to arrive at our destination, if it was difficult to remove the smell from my fingers, I could only imagine how bad my breath was.  Thankfully the wife didn't complain.

After eating, the colour of my fingers matched my shirt.

It also looks like Indonesia has a new range of McShakers (Barbecue Chilli & Spicy Roasted Chicken) available.  If anyone is there and willing to send me some to review I'll be happy to send you one of these in return.

Rating - 3.5/5