09 May, 2013

Raspberry Dazzle McFlurry - Johor, Malaysia - March 2013

Consumed on 10 March 2013
Location - 
Price - 5.35MYR = $1.80USD
Calories = ~300kcal

McDonald's Malaysia McFlurry and Beef & Egg Burger Receipt 
This review has been in the queue for quite a bit of time, I ate the Raspberry Dazzle McFlurry when I went to Malaysia back in March to visit my colleague.  I also ate the Beef & Egg McLunch combo, which at <$2 for the entire combo was a great value, but the burger wasn't anything special.  The McFlurry nearly cost the same as my meal, which on it's own isn't a terrible value, but in comparison to the rest of the Malaysian menu, it isn't the best value.

I've found McDonald's Malaysia a little more inventive in their McFlurry combinations than their Singapore counterparts, and this variant was no exception.  The Raspberry Dazzle was topped with Raspberry syrup (naturally), chocolate syrup, and some Cornetto cone pieces mixed in.  The Cornetto isn't very special in Malaysian McDonald's, as they have a regular menu Cornetto Sundae. Much like the Lime McFlurry I had in Malaysia, the syrup had large chunks of actual fruit mixed in, and it wasn't overly sweet.  Though personally I didn't like the combination between Raspberry and Chocolate syrup and I think Oreo pieces might have worked a little better, but I can understand why they went with syrup, as it would have been too chunky. Though this was far from a poor attempt and I would recommend it if you are a fan of Raspberry.

Rating - 3/5