29 May, 2013

Passionfruit McFizz - Johor, Malaysia - May 2013

McDonald's Malaysia - Passionfruit McFizz
Consumed on 12 May 2013
Location - City Square Mall, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Price - Free with upsized combo.
Calories - ~250kcal

It's been a busy week since my Smokin' BBQ Burger review, as we've been busy finalising the plans for our wedding ceremony which is coming up very soon (yes, we are already married on paper, but we are having a ceremony for friends and family in 2 weeks).  Also, I've become a finalist for the 2013 Singapore Blog Awards, I hope all you long time readers can spare a couple minutes and vote for me, as the prize is a trip to Australia, which of course I will use to review even more McDonald's! Look forward to a special post explaining the awards shortly after this review.

The Passionfruit McFizz was yet another item I had in Malaysia a few weeks ago.  I've had other McFizz'es from both Singapore and Malaysia and they've never been my favourite, but passionfruit has always been a favourite of mine so I felt that the Passionfruit McFizz might go over a bit better with me. Passionfruit is another of those fruits which are hideously expensive back in Korea (think $20-30 for a single fruit, if you can even find it), so since moving to Singapore we've been buying it whenever we can.

The McFizz was served in Malaysia from sometime at the end of April through May, it's since launched in Singapore along side the Red Peri Scorcher, since we had it the week before in Malaysia, I didn't order it again when reviewing that burger. Much like the Prosperity McFizz, the two countries have identical drinks only that the Malaysian cup is about 25% larger and if you bought it on it's own, is about 50% cheaper too.  The Passionfruit McFizz is Spite mixed with Passionfruit syrup.  Unlike the recent Lychee McFizz, this didn't taste overly artificial or acidic. As expected, it was very sweet, but the syrup didn't overpower the lemon & lime flavour from the Sprite, so the 3 fruit flavours blended well.  It was also a nice contract to the reasonably spicy Hot & Spicy McShakers, which are included free as well when you upsize your combo.

Overall, it was the best 'McFizz' I've had, but it still wasn't anything that I would ever want to have a 2nd time.  These drinks just arent sweet enough to be a dessert, but the are too sweet to be a side for an already unhealthy meal, they just aren't for me. Passionfruit was a good start, but a berry flavour might work a little better. They could also try some more inventive flavours mixed with just plain soda water, not only would they fall back into Coke-level sweetness, but they could also try to off the wall combinations which could be fun to try, and review.

Rating - 3.5/5