02 May, 2013

Egg Burger with Vegetables - Taipei, Taiwan - April 2013

Consumed on 12 April 2013
Combo Price - 69NTD = ~$2.34USD
Calories - ~360kcal

McDonald's Taiwan Receipt
I love travelling to Taiwan, I have quite a number of friends living there, and since my first trip in 2007, I've been maybe 10 times.  Even back then, though I wasn't writing this blog,  I was still on the hunt for unique McDonald's items which I would snap a photo of.  On my first trip way back in 2007 I was able to have a Shrimp Burger on a rice bun, and a side of Corn Soup.  The shrimp burger has since been discontinued, and though the corn soup is still a side, every trip I've made to Taiwan has provided me absolutely no new items to sample.  Taiwan does occasionally have promo items (I'll post some photos at the bottom of the review), but I always seem to just miss them.

This trip in April 2013 was my wife's first time visiting Taiwan, and after our first night there she realised that since we were not SPG elite members (we were staying at the Westin), that we wouldn't have a free breakfast in the morning.  She spotted the McDonald's near the MRT station the night before and asked if we could have "McMorning" for breakfast, which I happily agreed to as there were a couple standard menu breakfast items I could review. The first of two items we shared for breakfast that morning was the Egg Burger with Vegetables.

We arrived at the branch around 10am, and it was doing pretty good business, even through it was located off the main street.  The seating area was all downstairs from where you ordered, so my wife went off in hunt of a good seat, and I attempted to order the burgers I wanted.  The woman who took my order couldn't speak much English, and with my limited Chinese, I managed to order the proper burgers that I wanted.

The sandwich itself wasn't anything out of the ordinary, but it's not something that I've seen on the menu before.  It was a basic hamburger bun, and the same ham and egg from the Egg McMuffin, but also a slice of tomato, lettuce, mayo and strangely ketchup.  Luckily there wasn't much ketchup on the burger and I could fight my way through it, and with the amount of English spoken when I ordered, I wouldn't have been able to order the burger without the ketchup anyway. The hamburger bun along with the filling made a light breakfast, though I think I preferred the standard McMuffin bun.  The price was also very appealing, as it was only 69NTD for the combo.  The coffee was smaller than the cups in Singapore, but was about the same size as the coffee served in Japan.

Rating - 3/5