15 May, 2013

Cinnamon Melts - Amherstburg, Canada - June 2012

Consumed on 23 June 2012
Price - ~$2.29CAD = ~$2.25USD
Calories - 460kcal

A quick review today to hold everyone over until the new Peri Peri Burger launches tomorrow.  I'll be having it first thing for lunch, so keep an eye out for it tomorrow afternoon!

I found this photo hidden away on an old hard drive and I had completely forgotten that I've even tried the Cinnamon Melts back when I was last in Canada.  I reviewed a number of items on that trip including the Mediterranean Wrap, the Strawberry Pie, the Drumstick McFlurry and even a breakfast bagel.  The reason why I don't remember ordering this was because I didn't, my sister did.  She wanted an excuse to have junk food for breakfast (this was ordered at 10am), and she insisted I try the Cinnamon Melts for my blog as they were here 'favourite'. 

My loving sister only let me have a single piece, and that was all I would have ever wanted.  It was served hot, but the flavour was terrible.  The bread was soft, but it wasn't nearly 'cinnamony' enough, even the icing on top was flavourless. Rather than a traditional cinnamon bun they used these little bread 'nubs' and covered them in a cream cheese icing.  I'll admit, I used to love Cinnabon when I was a kid, but haven't had one in a long time as they are deadly for you, your heart and your waist as a single bun has a whopping 880kcal.  This small McDonald's version isn't much better and I searched out the nutrition info from the McDonald's Canada website for you to take a look at.

Rating - 2/5

Back tomorrow with a new review!