26 April, 2013

Texas Burger - Sydney, Australia - March 2013

Even after 9 hours it looks pretty tasty.

The Texas Burger, front and centre.

Consumed on 31 March 2013
Location - Purchased at Sydney International Airport.  Consumed in Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 1
Price - $6.95 AUD = $7.16USD.  Just the burger, not the combo.
Calories - 650kcal

All three promos, officially tested!
Now that I've finished up reviewing the entire line of new Singapore promo items,  I can get back to reviewing the 3rd and final Tastes of America burgers that my colleague flew back from Australia for me a few weeks ago. This was the 3rd burger that I tried that night (the first being the New York Classic, and then the California Chicken), and though it was the most expensive burger of the three, it was also the largest and the best tasting.

Former Fish & Fries Promo box.

Fish & Fries promo inlay

Unfortunately they must have run out of Texas Burger boxes at the Sydney Airport branch these were purchased in, and they used a leftover box from their previous promo item, the Fish and Fries  that was on offer before the Tastes of America promo started. I wasn't able to try any of the items from the previous promotion, and that BBQ Lamb Burger probably would have been amazing!  I've also missed out on the McOz (a beef burger + beetroot), its one I've been wanting to try for quite some time now.

McDonald's Aussie Range promotion.  McOz, Lamb Burger, Fish & Fries, & Frozen Fanta!

The Texas burger used the same bun as the other two burgers, and whereas the others were standard size meat patties with a new sauce, this used an oversized beef patty (ala the Angus burgers in North America), 'texan sauce', and a decent slice of bacon.  What made this burger my favourite was the large patty.  Even after 9 hours I could still taste the seasoning inside, the sauce that they used wasn't my favourite of the new promos, but it worked well with the thick patty of beef and with the bacon.  It was tangy and sweet, but not overpowering.  I don't have a photo of the bacon, but it was nicer than most McDonald's bacon, and more similar to Canadian bacon (peameal) than what you would expect on a McDonald's burger.

Rating - 4/5

A couple last thoughts.

- This Banana Split shake looks awesome!
McDonald's Australia Banana Split Shake

- They introduced one more sandwich that I wasn't able to try during the promo (aside from the Cheese poppers I talked about in the New York Classic review), the breakfast-only Roadhouse Brekkie Roll, but it looks to have used the same bacon that was served on the Texas Burger, and it looks pretty good too.  I can only imagine how much it would be.

- This also isn't the only Texas Burger I've ever reviewed.  I had the original Big America Texas Burger back in Nagoya Japan in 2010.  They brought it back in February 2013 which my mother was supposed to fly down to Singapore for me to try again, but she never was able too...here's the review where I was expecting it.

- They had a couple other no-so-special items as well, McGriddles, which are standard menu in US/Canada, and Waffle Cones.

McDonald's Australia McGriddle and Waffle Cone