15 April, 2013

New York Classic - Sydney, Australia - March 2013

McDonald's Australia - New York Classic Promo Box

Consumed on 31 March 2013
Location - Purchased at Sydney International Airport.  Consumed in Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 1
Price - $4.95 AUD = $5.15USD.  Just the burger, not the combo.
Calories - 545kcal
McDonald's Australia - New York Classic Receipt 

The 'cute' $2 cooler which housed my burgers for the 8 hour flight

A couple weeks ago my co-worker Min, flew back from Australia to Singapore carrying a few promo burgers for me to try.  We had planned this before he left as I even went to Daiso and bought him a little lunch box (see the photo above) to help carry the burgers back, and hopefully prevent me from getting food poisoning after eating 9+ hour old burgers.  I've had my mother bring me pies from Canada, and they survived the 24+ hour trip to Singapore with grace, but I was surprised how well the burgers held up, and no, I didn't get sick.

The 3 burgers. Yes, one was using an old promo box.

9 hour old "New York Classic"

Min had travelled to Australia for 2 weeks, and before he left he said he would bring me whatever promo items were available.  They were running the "Tastes of America" promotion for a couple of weeks before he left, so we weren't sure if it would still be running by the time he was coming back to Singapore, luckily it was, so at Sydney Airport he picked up whatever he could for me.  They also offered a Chilli Cheese Pops, but they were either sold out, or not available at the airport branch as he said they didn't have them when he asked. It's probably best anyway as they would have probably been pretty disgusting eaten cold.

The New York Classic was the first burger I tried of the three he bought.  It had a premium bun which was speckled with herbs along with the standard sesame seeds, but the burger toppings seemed a little too typical. Just the standard lettuce, cheese, onion, pickles and ketchup. What made this unique was the 'mustard mayo', and though they made no mention of the herb topped bun, they felt the need to market the pickles, as if they were something special.  The mustard was the stand-out flavour of the burger.  I'm a huge fan of Colman-esc hot mustard, so I quite liked the mayo which was on this burger as the mustard had the sharp taste that I enjoy.  The cheese was cold, but it still wasn't anything special than the standard processed cheese that you'd find on any other McDonald's burger. The meat was dry, but that isn't going to take away any points since it was over 9 hours old, but it still held the seasoning inside well enough, but I did feel that it was a little on the salty side.  The bun was decent, but a bit too thick for the 

 My colleague said he tried all 3 during his trip, and this was the least favourite, and I happened to agree with him. It was pretty big, though it was the was the cheapest of the 3 promo burgers, at a whopping $4.95AUD for only the sandwich, it just didn't warrant the inflated price.  If I would have known they would be so expensive, I probably would have asked him to skip this one.

Rating - 2.5/5