24 April, 2013

Lychee McFizz - Singapore - April 2013

Consumed on - 18 April 2013
Location - McDonald's Kovan Station, Singapore
Price - Free with upsized combo. 1 size only.  $2.40SGD = $1.93USD ala carte.
Calories - ~250kcal

Keeping in line with the fruit flavoured Citrus Thai Shakers, the 2nd promotional side introduced with the Black Pepper Flamer is the Lychee McFizz.  This is the 3rd McFizz that I've had in either Singapore or Malaysia since moving here last year. The first was the decent Sakura McFizz, which was introduced with the Samurai Burger.  This was a mixture of Ribena and Sprite.  The 2nd McFizz I tried was back in February when I finally had the Orange Juice + Sprite concoction, the Prosperity McFizz, which was launched along with the Prosperity Burger, which I passed on in Malaysia a couple times before eventually trying it in Singapore.

As I mentioned in the previous reviews, I don't generally like to have sweetened drinks along side my junk food, so I usually go for Coke Zero, or Coke Light, and if neither are available, a standard Coke.  I very rarely venture out into other drinks, so the McFizzes are never sound that appealing to me.  

The Lychee McFizz had a pretty boring name, the McFizz itself is a pretty terrible name, but at least previously with the Prosperity & Sakura variants they went with something which made you try and guess what the combination could be.  This time they copped out and went with the boring 'Lychee McFizz', no mystery in the name this time around - I guess they used all their naming 'ability' for the Black Pepper 'Flamer'...

I couldn't see how this drink was mixed but it definitely tasted watered down, either their Sprite was flat, or they tried to cut it with some water. The other McFizzes I had were noticeably fizzier, and the flatness of this made it taste just as rancid as flat Coke tastes. You can see in the photos above how half of the cup looks just like water. Aside from being flat, the flavour was very Lychee heavy, and one could easily tell this wasn't real juice mixed in with the Sprite (like the Prosperity McFizz), but either a Lychee fizzy drink, or more probably an artificial Lychee syrup mixed together with the Sprite.  

I'm a big fan of the lychee, but this wasn't for me, it just tasted too artificial.  

Rating - 1/5