22 April, 2013

Citrus Thai Shakers - Singapore - April 2013

Consumed on - 18 April 2013
Location - McDonald's Kovan Station, Singapore
Price - Free with upsized combo
Calories - Unknown

The Mini pouring the packet into the bag to be 'McShaked'
Normal v. Seasoned

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With all the heavy marketing going on for the Black Pepper Flamer, the promo sides that were launched with them have been pretty much lost in the shuffle.  The Shakers seem to be a pretty common promo item these days in Singapore and neighbouring Malaysia, but not really in the rest of Asia outside of Japan.  I'll start off by saying that I generally like the flavours of these shakers, as they add a nice change to the standard fries, but the Citrus Thai Shakers were one of the worst that I've ever had.  

The Mini has NEVER enjoyed the shakers but will never turn down a chance to pose. 
If you're an avid McDonald's Around the World reader than you'll know that I've mentioned on a number of occasions, that the Singapore/Malaysia shakers have about 2-3X the amount of seasoning compared to the Japanese packets.  The Japanese ones act more as a topping and barely have enough to top most of the tried, whereas these try to act as a coating.  You can see in the photos that the fries have a pretty solid coating on all sides, which normally would be a positive accept I the flavour of the Thai Citrus was so strong it would have been better if there was less of it.

These Shakers usually are pretty salty, but this one was strangely tangy.  Our fries were hot, fresh and already salted.  The salt from the fries did not blend well with the tanginess of the seasoning.  I usually like to dip my fries in the sauce that falls off my burger, but these wouldn't even mix well with a any sauce, let alone the mayo from my Black Pepper Shaker.

If you were to try these, you might want to request your fries to be unsalted if you plan on upsizing your combo anyway, but in my opinion if you weren't originally planning on upsizing and just wanted to try these, I'd just give them a miss this time around.

Rating - 1/5