17 April, 2013

California Chicken - Sydney, Australia - March 2013

McDonald's California Chicken 'Tastes of America' 2013

Consumed on 31 March 2013
Location - Purchased at Sydney International Airport.  Consumed in Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 1
Price - $5.95 AUD = $6.17USD.  Just the burger, not the combo.
Calories - 565kcal

This is the 2nd of 3 burgers that my colleague Min brought me back from Sydney a couple weeks ago.  This was the 2nd burger I tried that evening, and if you missed the review of the New York Classic, click here to give it a read.  The California Chicken was the one burger that scared me the most.  I would have loved to have given it a taste when it was fresh, and I was worried that I would get sick after eating a 9 hour old fried chicken patty, also the fact that it had two sauces worried me a bit too as  I don't generally like my burgers to be overly saucy.  

I took these photos on Min's phone as my wife still had my camera back in Korea, and I am not sure what happened to the open-burger photo, so unfortunately the only photo I have is from the top of the bun (above), and the photo I took after I had tried all three of the burgers (below), so you can't see how small the chicken patty was inside the oversized bun.  It used the same large, herb topped bun as the rest of the promo burgers, but the chicken patty was just too small for it.  Every bite I took, most of the flavours came from the sauces, and the texture only came from the bun, also, because the bun was old, it was a little stale and hard. I would imagine that if the bun was fresh and soft, it wouldn't have been so noticeable.

Like the New York Classic, the 'special' ingredient for this burger was the sauce, in this case it was topped with a sweet chilli & lime sauce, and 'summer' mayo.  I'm not sure why they didn't mix them into a single sauce (like the mustard mayo on the New York Classic), but because I don't have an open-bun photo, I can't show it to you. The sweet chilli and lime combination caught me off guard as it wasn't a combination I've had before, nor ever expected on a McDonald's burger and it was a nice interesting combination.  I could definitely taste the lime more than the sweet chilli, and it overpowered the mayo completely.  The lack of vegetables was a little disappointing, and I felt the New York Classic was expensive at 4.95AUD for just the burger, so I can't see how McDonald's goes about selling this for 5.95AUD when it has the same bun, same vegetables, a smaller patty and no cheese.  Therefore it gets an even lower rating of - 

Rating - 2/5