20 March, 2013

Tangy Sesame Filet-o-Fish - Singapore - March 2013

McDonald's Singapore Tangy Sesame Filet-o-Fish

Consumed on 19 March 2013
Location - McDonald's Chinatown Point, Singapore
Price - Single Patty Combo - $5.00SGD ($4.00USD).  Double Patty Combo - $6.95SGD
Calories - Single ~325kcal. Double ~435kcal

McDonald's Singapore Tangy Sesame Filet-o-Fish Receipt 
Yesterday I was planning on writing a review for the Raspberry Dazzle McFlurry which I had in Malaysia about a week and a half ago, but when I was pulling up mcdonalds.com.my to grab a screenshot of the Mcflurry, but my browser auto filled in .com.sg, and I was brought to the McDonald's Singapore website by mistake.  What a good mistake that was, as they had must have just updated their website with the new promo burger, the Tangy Sesame Filet-o-Fish. Usually their Facebook page is the first thing to update with new promos, but I didn't get notification of the new burger for another couple hours on FB, and by then, I would have already been on my way home from the office, and probably wouldn't have tried it. Since my wife is back at home in Seoul, I've been getting a little sick of cooking for just myself at home, so the new burger gave me a perfect excuse to go out and eat alone.

The standard Filet-o-Fish box.

I was pleasantly surprised with the pricing of the new promo, as the last variant of a standard menu burger, the BLT McChicken was a whole $2.00 more than the standard.  Though this was only a new sauce, it was nice to see that they kept the standard Filet-o-Fish pricing. If they can charge a premium on the McFlurries for an new sauce, then I would have expected a premium on the burger as well. Yes, the $5.00 is actually more than a decent meal would cost you in a hawker centre here in Singapore, but the standard McDonald's pricing issue is another problem issue all together. My intention wasn't to get a combo if the price was right, but seeing as the price was $3.95 for the burger, or $5 for the combo, I went with the set.

I visited the Chinatown Point branch at around 7pm.  This branch is consistently busy, but they do a very good job at keeping the queues short, and I've never had to wait long to place my order. To order, I just pointed at the sign, and asked for a Fillet-o-Fish, she asked if I wanted to try the new one, she pushed both the upsize and making it a double, but I stood my ground. I had my food within a couple seconds and then had to go hunt for a table where I could take photos without much embarrassment, which I found hidden off in the corner. I was a little disappointed that they didn't have a promo box for this variant. They must have spent all their marketing budget on the nice large menu banners, and cash register popups they had promoting these new burgers. When I opened the box, I was in for another disappointment.  I don't remember the last time I've had a the standard fillet-o-fish, but I was somewhat taken aback from the size.  I just didn't expect it to be so small.  In retrospect, its about the same size as a standard McChicken, but those are only $2.00 for the sandwich, not $3.95.  They had quite a bit of sauce on there, but it didn't have the dark colour that the promo posters had.  Being a Tangy Sesame flavour sauce, I thought it would have been darker than it was.

I took the first bite, and all I could taste was the fish patty.  I assumed that I didn't get any sauce in that bite, so I went in for a second. I knew this second bite had sauce as I could feel it, but I still couldn't taste it. Now, when I first opened and examined the burger I thought there was going to be far too much sauce and it was going to be overpowering, but this stuff was WEAK.  If you look at the big glob of sause in the next photo, I used a fry to scoop that off to try it on its own, but it was still pretty tasteless!  It was NOT zesty, nor did it have any sesame flavour, a complete disappointment. If you like the regular fillet-o-fish, stick with it, the standard tartar is better.  If you want to try something new, don't expect much from this.  As I said before, I hadn't had a fillet-o-fish in quite a while, but I would have liked it to be more than 4 bites.  My fries were hot and slightly overcooked (I like them this way, I prefer them crispy), so I actually ate all the fries, which I don't usually do, but I was still hungry.  Before I went home I bought some fruits and vegetables to snack on, and only after that, was I satisfied.

Rating - 2/5

Looks like McDonald's have redesigned their menus, and tray inlays.  The new menus are a total failure though.  The prices are far too small, to read from any distance.  Also the way they group Single/Double/Combo/Burger Only for each burger is a little too cluttered.  They are stylish, but not functional.  Though, it's nice to see that they have a nutrition value on there now, it's something I always look out for. 

McDonald's Singapore Nutrition Facts