06 March, 2013

Blueberry Crunch McFlurry - Singapore - February 2013

Consumed on 23 Febuary 2013
Location - McDonald's Plaza Singapura, Orchard Road, Singapore
Price - $2.70SGD - ~$2.17USD
Calories - ~280kcal

About a week or so ago, when I went out to sample the Honey Lemon Drumlets, I noticed this little hidden gem being promoted at the Dessert Kiosk.  Now, I knew the Blueberry Sundae is one of their new Saver Menu items ($1.50), and you are able to get it at every McDonald's in Singapore, and I had originally planned on giving it a try. But, when I saw this hidden away at the Dessert Kiosk, and neither the website, nor the McDonald's Singapore facebook page promoting it whatsoever, I planned on trying this instead, as even though it's $1.30 more than the sundae, I prefer McFlurries. That, and because not every McDonald's in Singapore has a dessert kiosk (its probably 1/4), it made it slightly more rare than the sundae.

My wife and I stopped into the Plaza Singapora branch of McDonald's on a very busy Saturday evening.  We had a late lunch, and planned on cooking once we arrived back home, so the McFlurry was just to hold us over until then.  As I always do, I tried to pay for the McFlurry with my credit card, and unlike when I was flat out denied paying with it recently (when I had the Tropical Orange Flavour Burst cone), the women manning the dessert kiosk happily took my card and led me over to the neighbouring cash register to complete the transaction.  

Whilst I was queuing for my turn to order, I saw the dessert kiosk auntie pile on the toppings for both people that ordered before me, and though I was the only one who ordered a McFlurry (the others ordered Blueberry Sundaes), she was equally generous with the toppings for mine.  I'm not sure if the generous toppings were compensating for the poor ice cream, but it was certainly not up to spec.  The ice cream was noticeably softer than usual, and though I watched it come straight from the machine, by the time I carried it the 10 steps to the table where my wife was waiting, it already looked pretty melted.  The branch was warm, but not enough to melt ice cream in a span of <30 seconds, so it must have been from the overworked machine, or a poorly made mix.

The Blueberry Crunch McFlurry, is very similar to the promo McFlurries they ran late last year, with the Mudpie McFlurry, and Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry.  I complained about these in their reviews because the only thing 'special' about them was their name.  Each was made using the standard Chocolate, or Strawberry sundae sauce, mixed in with a bit of Oreo.  Both were disappointing, and I felt cheated having to pay a premium for them.  At least with the Blueberry Crunch, the blueberry sauce isn't a standard sundae sauce that you can get any other day, so I didn't feel so bad about paying the slight premium over the standard Oreo McFlurry.  I was also very impressed about the quality of the blueberry sauce.  Sure it was sugary and runny, but it had actual blueberries inside!  My wife didn't like the taste, as she complained it didn't taste like blueberries at all.  I think she was a little too quick to pass judgement, as though no McDonald's ice cream is going to taste exactly like eating fresh fruit, the flavour of the blueberry sauce was far from terrible. The blueberry sauce mixed well with the Oreo pieces, and though she was very generous with both toppings, neither felt like there was too much.  Had the ice cream been firmer and not so runny that day, it might have received a better score.
Not all the blueberries were crushed, I just couldn't manage a decent photo of the others.

Rating - 4/5