14 March, 2013

Beef & Egg Burger - Johor Bahru, Malaysia - March 2013

Beef & Egg Burger - McDonald's Malaysia March 2013

Consumed on 10 March 2013
Location - Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Price - 5.95MYR (Lunchtime discount) = ~$1.90 (Yes, that's for the entire combo!)
Calories - Unknown

This was the burger which I reviewed last weekend, which I used the fries from the combo to review the American BBQ McShakers that my friend sent me down from Japan.  McDonald's in Malaysia released two new burgers with Egg, the first being the one I reviewed, the Beef & Egg burger, and the other, McEgg Deluxe.  I only gave the Beef & Egg a try as they were both the same price, and I think having beef rather than cheese & vegetables is the better value.  Though, for the price of only 5.95MYR ($1.90USD), I could have bought 2 combos for cheaper than a standard meal would have been back in Singapore.  I'm not sure, but I think since McDonald's in Hong Kong has slowly been creeping up their prices over the past 2 years,  Malaysia seems to be the cheapest in Asia these days. The two new burgers were being promoted along with the McChicken, and those are the only 3 items available for 5.95, the rest of the menu varies between 6-9MYR.  

This McDonald's was just down the street from my colleagues new house, but the taxi driver refused to go through the drive-through unless we paid him double, so we ate inside and walked to his house after I finished up.  This branch was not really near anything as its an area going through a bit of new development. It seemed that everyone else had driven to it, as the car park was pretty full. This was the first McD's I've had in Malaysia that wasn't inside a mall or another building and it was very new, spacious, and modern inside, it couldn't be more than a couple years old.  They even had free WiFi  which I didn't bother registering for as we didn't plan on staying long.  Though it was busy, there wasn't a queue to order (Singapore, take note!), and my order was taken quickly and accurately. It didn't take more than a minute for my items to be on the tray.  I forgot to ask for my burger without ketchup, but upon opening it, there was hardly enough to even taste, so it didn't bother me that much.

Luckily for me, hardly any ketchup up there.

I was surprised with the size of the burger, as I was expecting it to be the size of a Happy Meal hamburger, but this had a bun about the size of a full-size bun that you'd get on a McChicken, but minus the sesame seeds. Seems that the new McEgg also used this bun, but I'm not sure what other items on the menu do.   The egg was exactly what I expected, the same that is served on an Egg McMuffin, but unlike when I had an Egg on the Big Tsukimi Burger in Japan, it was the entire egg, and it was hot and fresh, rather than something that looked like it had been sitting around since breakfast.  The egg was a little greasy, and I felt that it overpowered the smallish piece of beef that they used.  I preferred the part of the burger where the egg had the yolk, as you could then taste the flavours mix, but when eating just the egg white part of the egg, it was overpowering. It also didn't taste like the beef had any seasoning, with a little salt and pepper I'm sure it would have made a better combination than it did.  

 Rating - 3/5

My colleague, not very impressed I dragged him to McDonald's so soon after he finished his lunch.