21 February, 2013

Prosperity McFizz - Singapore - February 2013

McDonald's Singapore - Prosperity McFizz

Consumed on 09 February 2013
Location - McDonald's City Square Mall, Singapore
Price - $0.90 with twisty fries when added to a combo meal.
Calories - ~250kcal (Averaging a Medium Sprite + Orange Juice)

I thought today would be a perfect time to post this up, as it looks like the Prosperity Burgers are FINALLY finished, and it's about time.  The Prosperity McFizz was the promotional drink that was served as a side for the Prosperity Burger (along with Twisty Fries, and a Pineapple Pie), in both Malaysia and Singapore, which started in mid-December 2012, and though it looks like it is still running over in Malaysia, just finished in Singapore today. I tried both the Beef and Chicken versions of the Prosperity Burger in Malaysia (as they were available first, and less than half the price than in Singapore).  Neither of those two times I went with the Prosperity McFizz, as I wasn't (and normally aren't) in the mood for a sugary drink.  My mother and grandmother were in Singapore to witness my wedding over the past couple of weeks, so when my grandmother said she wanted to have some fries and a drink at McDonald's, it was a perfect opportunity to be able to the drink, as I could try a few sips, and she could finish the rest.  Also, after the horrible twisty fries I had in Malaysia last December, it gave me an excuse to try them again.

I ordered the cheapest combo available, which was the $4.50 McChicken combo, and then added the $0.90 to have the McFizz and Twisty fries.  At first, I thought the plastic cup that the drink was served in was a smoothie cup, but it was actually its own Prosperity McFizz promo cup, which was a nice touch, though it wasn't as noticeable, nor as large as the Sakura McFizz I had last summer in Malaysia.  Much like with that McFizz, at first I thought it was going to be horribly sweet and not enjoy it, but the Orange Juice + Sprite combo wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  I haven't had McDonald's orange juice for breakfast in ages, but I remember it always tasting like the canned Minute Maid orange juice you get on an aeroplane. I don't know if Singapore McDonald's uses the same juice that Canada did way back then, or if McDonald's has changed over to a fresher tasting OJ, but I could defiantly taste that tartness of that style of orange juice in the McFizz.  The orange juice somewhat over powered the Sprite, but it added enough carbonation to give the drink a fizz. I'm sure if I told my grandmother that there was Sprite in it she wouldn't have drank it, and she didn't notice, so I guess I'm not the only one. The ice generally didn't help as it watered down the taste somewhat.  My wife tried a sip and didn't mind it either, she even had a couple sips later on after we finished off the fries...which were still dry, but considerably better than the ones we had in Malaysia!

Rating - 2.5/5