01 February, 2013

Big America: Texas Burger (テキサスバーガー) - Nagoya, Japan - January 2010

McDonald's Japan Big America Texas Burger 2010 - Nagoya Japan

2010 Big America Texas Burger Promotion
Consumed on 25 January 2010
Price - 740JPY = $8.15USD (Combo Price)
Calories - ~642kcal (Just the burger)

2013 Big America All Stars Texas Burger Promo
I've been keeping my eye out on the McDonald's Japan homepage because my mother is flying through Narita Airport next week en route to Singapore, I was hoping they would start a new promo item in time so she could grab it before her flight and bring it to me.  In this case I was both lucky and unlucky. Yesterday, I noticed they started their Big America promo for 2013, which I've had great luck with before, as last year I was able to get 3/4 of the promo burgers, the Beverly Hills Burger, The Broadway Burger, and The Las Vegas Burger.  The 2013 promo is the 'All Stars' edition, so they are bringing back some of the most popular items from the last 3 years.  The first item up, and sadly, the one that will be available when my mother is flying through Japan, is the Texas Burger, which I was able to try in the pre-blog days (thus the lack of photos), in during my second trip to Nagoya Japan, back in January 2010.  

As this was in the pre-blog days, I didn't check the website prior to arriving for any coupons (and McDonald's Japan usually has coupons for their promo burger which you can flash with your phone), nor did I even know what this burger was called, or its ingredients, I was going in totally blind. I was staying at the Westin Nagoya Castle for only one night, and I spotted this branch the evening before when walking from the closest metro station back to the hotel. I had to get back to Nagoya Airport in the early afternoon so I hit  it shortly after breakfast finished (11am), and though I don't like to have lunch so early, it was something I had to do this time. I pointed to the big sign (which didn't say anything about Big America, or I would have wrote that down), and sat down quickly ate the burger. It wasn't that busy, as I probably beat the lunch rush, and this was a slightly out of the way location.  In 2010, though the exchange rate was better than it is now, 740Y for the set was still pretty dear, but as I was only in Japan for ~36 hours, I didn't feel so bad spending he money.
Upcoming Big America 2013 Promos
The Big America burgers (and most Japanese promo items) are usually served in a promo box which has its name in English, but apparently this branch must have run out. I only learned what it was called after posting the photo to my Facebook, when my friend who can read Japanese told me it's called the Texas Burger.  It had the same thick beef patty on the other Big America burgers (which if you read my prior reviews, I found pretty bland), but had fried onions, bacon, cheese, as well as both barbecue sauce, and wholegrain mustard relish. 

To be totally honest, I don't remember the taste very well, so I'll have my mother bring one for me to give a proper review for the blog.  All the other promo items currently available are items I haven't been able to try either, the Creamy Ranch Sauce, the American BBQ Shaka Shaka's or the Blueberry McShake (which according to the website isn't available in airports or stadiums) so it looks like I'll have a nice range of new things to try along with the burger next week keep an eye out.

On a side note - I'm not sure why the Mega Muffin is on their promo poster, as this is a regular menu item.  If anyone can tell me, please leave a comment.

Rating - TBD Next Week