01 January, 2013

Pineapple Pie - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - December 2012

McDonalds Malaysia Pineapple Pie - Sadly, no promo packaging

Probably the exact same pie now available in Singapore.  At least its yellow enough.

Consumed on 16 December 2012
Price - 2.60MYR = $0.85USD
Calories - ~270 kcal.

McDonald's Malaysia Receipt 
Apologies for the 2nd Pie in a row, I try to avoid doing the same type of item back to back, but I thought that my Singapore readers (who now make up about 40% of my traffic) would be interested in the Pineapple Pie review because McDonald's Singapore just launched the same Pie today.  Sadly, its launched in conjunction with the exact same Prosperity Burger/Twister Fries/Prosperity McFizz New Years combo that is already available in Malaysia.  As much as I'd like to think Malaysia has gone ahead and launched a Chicken Prosperity Burger in retaliation against their neighbours, it was probably always on the way.  The Chicken variant sounds worth trying (unlike the current Quarter Pounder BLT variant of the McChicken BLT available in Singapore), and I might make the hop over to Johor next weekend to give it a go.

A fried, flaky crust, but not overly oily like the Strawberry Custard Pie 

We only had 1 full day in Kuala Lumpur before flying back to Singapore, and since I was able to have the Prosperity Burger the evening before, we stopped into the Bukit Bintang branch of McD's to have a coffee and so I could have the two promo dessert items on offer.  As of now, the promo Sundae has not made it across the Causeway, and I'll be reviewing that next.  As I stated in my Strawberry Custard Pie review, I don't like the fried pies, but even though this Pie was fried, and served too hot to eat, it wasn't oily, nor have too much batter like the last one did.  The filling was exactly as a McDonald's pie should be, full, and reaching both ends of the crust, actually, after I took the first bite, there was so much filling that some pierced the centre and started to fall out onto the tray.  The first bite actually burnt my tongue enough that I couldn't taste the flavours at all, and the wonderful boyfriend that I am, I passed it over to my girlfriend to have a taste whilst I soothed my tongue with the sundae.  She commented on the "scary" yellow filling, and she was right, it had a bright neon-esc yellow.  It reminded me of the glowing green Groovy Lime McFlurry I had in Malaysia shortly after moving to Singapore.  Due to the bright overhead lighting, it was difficult for the camera to pick up the colour but here's the best attempt with a tissue behind it.

Hidden within the horribly sweet jam, were real pineapple pieces!
The filling was mostly a sickeningly sweet pineapple jam, but there were actual chunks of real pineapple inside.  Not sure how fresh they could have been hidden inside the unbelievably sweet jam, because whenever you'd bite into a real pineapple piece you still  couldn't taste anything but the jam. With the scolded tongue  and that in the last 2-3 years I've tried to avoid any food with pineapple as I've noticed it causes me to break out I was hesitant to try more than the 2nd cursory bite.

My jetlagged Mini enjoying a McFlurry which will be reviewed in a couple days!

Overall, the Pineapple Pie wasn't a terrible attempt at a fruit filled McDonald's pie.  The jam itself didn't taste at all real pineapple, and could have had about 50% less added sugar, pineapple is sweet enough, but I appreciated the fruit chunks inside. The fried crust is another non-favourite of mine, but at least this time it was done well and not overly oily.  They lose a point for not having promotional packaging, a Pie box is far from difficult to print up, even if its only going to be used for a month.

Rating - 3/5 

By the way, I don't have to call her my "girlfriend" any more, because as of this morning she's been 'upsized' to "my finacee" (she's going to kill me for that) 

Until next time.