10 January, 2013

Kiwi Apple McFlurry (키위애플 맥플러리) - Seoul, South Korea - September, 2009

A terrible, pre-blog, walking McFlurry photo.
My girlfriend dug up this promo photo for me, as I couldn't find it in English

Consumed on - 04 September 2009
Price - 1700KRW = ~$1.60USD (Though at the time that would have been around ~$1.30)
Calories - Unknown

I've been trying to hold off this review for a little while, as I was just embarrassed by the quality of the photo.  I took it whilst I was walking with my mother and sister during their first visit to Seoul, a couple month after I moved there in 2009.  At the time I was reviewing McDonald's items but only on my personal Facebook page.  I only tried a couple bites of this McFlurry before giving it to my sister to finish, as she was the only one "eating" as she is such a picky eater, she was resisting what we going to have for lunch.

The Kiwi Apple McFlurry was a promo McFlurry for the summer period back in 2009, when my girlfriend was hunting down the promo photo for me, she found a lot more of the Kiwi McFlurry which appeared a couple times over the last 5 years, I think 2009 was the only time the Kiwi Apple variant has ever popped up in any country (though if I am wrong, please leave a comment telling me so!)

I don't have any comments about it on my Facebook page, nor does my sister remember anything about it.  Judging from the photo, it doesn't look like much more than just vanilla, and it does not look at all like the promo photo, but my past experience with Korean McFlurries isn't much to go by either.

Too old for a rating, but I'll post something better tomorrow or this weekend.

Enjoy it.