07 January, 2013

Butterscotch Crunch McFlurry - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - December 2012

After so many McFlurry reviews, I've run out of ways to photograph them.  Any ideas?

McDonald's Malaysia Butterscotch McFlurry

Official Butterscotch McFlurry and Sundae promotional photos.

Consumed on 16 December 2012
Location - Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Price - 4.95MYR = ~$1.63USD
Calories - ~350kcal
Today was a nice, hot and humid day, just the kind of day that I love. Spending the last three years in Seoul and dealing with their wet and miserable winters, and the four years prior to that going to Uni in Ottawa (which had even worse, soul-crushing winters) days like this, especially when I see Facebook photos of people dealing with snow, really make me love coming to Singapore.  A day like today definitely made me feel like getting an Ice Cream, so its a perfect day for the final item my girlfriend and I were able to try in Malaysia on the way back from the Middle East, the Butterscotch McFlurry!

The previous items on that stop Kuala Lumpur were, the Prosperity Burger, and the Pineapple Pie, so if you'd like more info on the background of this trip, check out those reviews.

The same receipt from the Pineapple Pie review

I'm not sure why, but whenever I think of Butterscotch, I think of Caramel.  It might be the colour, but I always think that I dislike Butterscotch the same way I do caramel, that I can put up with it on food, but I don't actually enjoy it all that much.  That is, until I taste Butterscotch flavoured anything and immediately remember that I do indeed like it.  Pretty pathetic, I know.  I don't remember the last time I had Butterscotch anything, they don't serve it in Korea, and my girlfriend hadn't even heard of it. McDonald's Malaysia launched it along with its Pineapple Pie, and Prosperity Burger & Twister fries (and the still terribly named Prosperity McFizz), 3 seemingly random items all launched at the same time.  Though even more strange is that Singapore received the Burger, fries and Pie, but not this ice cream.

Seems that most of the ice cream variants here in Singapore and Malaysia are always offered as a McFlurry, and a Sundae, and though more expensive, I always have gone for the McFlurry over the Sundae.  Just seems a better value for your money, in my opinion.  Maybe next time, I'll order both, to compare the two.  Unfortunately there wasn't that much Butterscotch syrup on our McFlurry this time, it had an acceptable flavour, it was a little too artificial as you couldn't taste real butter in it, and there wasn't enough to coat the entire cup once it had been stirred around a bit.  Also, the crispy flakes on top were sugar coated (probably rice) and were a little too crispy for my liking, and there were far too many of them...nuts are the crunchiest thing I want topping my ice cream, and when I hardly get enough syrup, I don't need 3 spoonfuls of topping.  In its defense, it had just started the afternoon downpour in KL, so many people were taking refuge inside the McDonald's, so whomever made this McFlurry was probably pretty rushed, so it might earn an extra point had it have been made with the proper amount of toppings

Rating - 2.5/5
 Earned an extra 0.5 because it was Cheap!  I wish Singapore had those ice cream prices.