30 December, 2012

Strawberry Custard Pie - Muscat, Oman - December 2012

Consumed on 13 December 2012
Price - 0.350 OMR = ~$0.91USD
Calories - ~270kcal 

McDonald's Muscat Oman Receipt

When my girlfriend and I were having the Spicy Grand Chicken in Dubai, I checked the back of the tray inlay to see if there were any items that were not noticeably posted, but available on the menu list on the back.  I've been able to find a few unique items this way in a couple different countries, and this was no different.  Under the dessert section, there was a Strawberry Custard Pie next to the standard Apple Pie.  It didn't show this on the posted menu, nor on the McDonald's Arabia (all middle eastern countries share the same domain) website.  When we found a branch in a mall in Abu Dhabi and asked for it, they said they didn't carry it, only bigger branches.  So a couple days later when we were in Oman and had a rental car, we stopped into the largest branch we could find. In hope that Oman would have something unique (which they didn't, it was the standard Middle East menu, but as a backup if they would have the Pie)

The largest McD's we could find.
Not sure if the branch was new, or recently renovated, but it looked good.

Even had a small play place! 

Unfortantly, I wasn't able to find anything unique in Oman that differed from the menu back in the UAE.  The Spicy Grand Chicken was the promo burger on offer here as well, but I was able to find the Strawberry Custard Pie!  Apparently the Filipino girl taking my order thought I asked for a Strawberry Sundae instead of the pie.  The sundae was 1/2 a Omani rial, which is about $1.30, which I thought was pretty expensive for a Pie.  When I corrected her, and she handed me back 0.150 OMR, as the Pie was only 0.350, except she had already issued me the receipt for the sundae.  I asked if she could print me a new receipt, she said no.  I said "I need this for my business expenses, could you please print me a new one with the correct price", and she laughingly said that the receipt is for a higher price, so its better for my expenses.  She was quick on her feet, I'll give her that.  A person was queued behind me, so I didn't want to press the issue any further and begrudgingly took the incorrect receipt.

To be honest, the thought of a Strawberry Custard Pie sounded pretty good, I remembered the disappointing Strawberry Pie I had in Canada earlier this year, but the thought of a custard pie worked well in my head, but sadly, my imagination and reality didn't exactly match up this time.

When I received the pie I was disappointed to see that it was deep fried, like the ones in Canada used to be.  The crust was thick and very oily, we actually used some tissues to dab off the oil before my first bite.  I bit into the end, and immediately spat it out into a tissue, not only was it scolding hot, but the entire bite was fried batter, I didn't get a single drop of custard or strawberry, not a promising start. I took a smaller second bite so I was able to take a photo of the filling, as it seemed that if I took a full sized second bite, there was so little filling inside that I wouldn't be able to get any in a photo.  The custard had next to no taste, it had the texture and consistency of custard, but it tasted more like cream (or Cool Whip), rather than custard.  My girlfriend had a tiny bite and decided it was disgusting and quickly handed it back.  We had about 1/3 the pie left, and still hadn't hit any Strawberry.  You actually really see any Strawberry in the photos as there was so little.  There ended up being about 1/3 a tablespoonful of Strawberry jelly right behind all the custard, before the end chunk of batter  (you can barely see it in the top photo), but as a another large mouthful of fried batter didn't seem so appealing after the first, I threw it away deciding I had enough.

Rating - 0/5