10 December, 2012

Spicy Chicken McDeluxe - Johor Bahru, Malaysia - November 2012

McDonalds Malaysia - Spicy Chicken McDeluxe

McDonalds Malaysia Spice & Ice Combo
Consumed on 24 November 2012
Location - City Square Mall, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Price - 12.75MYR (Entire Combo, with McFloat add-on) = ~$4.17USD
Calories - Unknown
This is the final item from the Spice & Ice Combo we had back in Malaysia.  You can check out the reviews of the Smoky BBQ McShakers & the McFloat, which we had all at the same time.  The total price for the entire set (plus fries) was only 12.75RM, which was a steal.  Sadly, I need to keep this very short, as I am currently travelling in the Middle East with my girlfriend, and we don't have that much free time.  We are trying new McD's items everywhere we go, so be on the lookout for new reviews coming next week once we return back home.

I left reviewing the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe last as it was actually the least interesting of the 3 promo items in the set.  If you've ever had a McSpicy in Singapore, or a Shanghai Spice Chicken in Korea, then you've pretty much had this chicken patty before.  If it had bacon, it would be identical to the current promo Shanghai Deluxe Chicken in Korea, as it uses the same 'deluxe' bun.  They didn't even bother giving it a special sauce, as it was just the standard mayo.  The chicken was hot and juicy, but it just wasn't 'Deluxe' enough for me.

Rating - 2/5
Great price, decent chicken.  But nothing all that special.