04 December, 2012

Smoky BBQ McShakers - Johor Bahru, Malaysia - November 2012

McDonald's Malaysia Smoky BBQ McShakers 

Consumed on 24 November 2012
Location - City Square Mall, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
Price - Free
Calories - Unknown
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I tried the Smoky BBQ McShakers at the same time I tried the McFloat, in Johor Bahru, Malaysia a few weeks ago. This be the second of three limited time items I was able to try all within the same promotional set. Similarly to the McFloat (that you could order on its own), you could get these McShakers for free with any Large Fry, or any up sized combo meal.  Rather than rehash the terrible ordering experience I had, just check out the prior review.

The same photo of me queuing forever.

I've been trying quite a number of McShakers recently.  Seems like every new promo item in Malaysia or Singapore has them.  They've actually all been pretty decent, like the (still available) Honey Chipotle, Cheese, and even the not very appealing sounding Katsu Curry McShakers.  This Smoky BBQ variant was another decent effort.  Unlike the terrible Honey BBQ that was available in Hong Kong (and frequently makes an appearance back).  Though my girlfriends friend, who's first time leaving Korea was for this trip, had never tasted such a flavour before, and she asked what it was supposed to be, both of them enjoyed it as well.  It wasn't as tangy as the Cheese, it was actually much more similar to the flavour combinations of the Singapore's current Chipotle Shakers than the others I've had in Malaysia recently. Loses a perfect score because it was slightly too sweet, and could have had a little more BBQ zest to it, but still another decent effort that I would happily sprinkle on my little fried artery cloggers in the future.

Yet another easy - 4/5